You can help evolve our knowledge in sexual fantasies

As many of you know, I am fascinated in sex research, and am always willing to help out in some way or another.

Emily Dubberley is currently researching for her new book, and would be grateful for your participation.

“It’s 40 years since female sexual fantasy has been accepted as existing, thanks to the wonderful Nancy Friday, who wrote My Secret Garden
in 1973. At the time, the book was deemed shocking, and many women’s magazines denied that women had fantasies at all.

Thankfully, things have moved on since then. Four decades on, women aren’t just admitting to having fantasies, they’re also writing them down and some are even becoming millionaires as a result. But have their fantasies changed or are we eroticising the same things as our mothers and grandmothers before us? Have the changes in society affected what we think about, and how we use our fantasies? How close is reality to fantasy now that the internet makes all manner of assignations  infinitely easier than they were four decades ago? Do we accept our fantasies more now than before, or is there still a stigma about female fantasies? Are we making our dreams come true – or still keeping our real desires to ourselves for fear of being judged?”


I feel that the research into fantasies is fascinating. There are many records which I have enjoyed when researching the subject. From Krafft-Ebing, Kinsey, to Nancy Friday (who wasn’t even a qualified research at the time, yet still did some of the most revolutionary work know in sex research).

I feel Emily’s research is very important, as our sexual fantasies are forever evolving and changing. I also think it’d be interesting to see how often sex toys appear in peoples fantasies and how they effect peoples desires. Sex toys are slowly becoming more mainstream, and I feel that any researcher within this area, will notice the increase of them popping up.


So pop along to Cliterati, and take a look at how you can share your sexual fantasies, for the greater good.



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