Yes For Lov Intimate Moisturising Lubricant

After trying a sample sachet of the Yes For Lov Intimate Moisturising Lubricant, I was impressed with its miscibility and wanted to try more. The Yes For Lov lubricant is probably the most expensive lube I’ve lathered over my intimate parts, retailing at over £20 for a 100ml bottle. Luckily, Vibrator Kingdom was kind enough to send me a bottle to sample, so I could see if I really did like the lubricant as much as I first thought. 
Yes For Lov arrives in a white cardboard box with gold and black text printed onto it. The box does state that it is a lubricant, however it looks very tasteful, and I doubt anyone who saw it from a distance would bat an eye lid. Inside the box you’ll find the lubricant in a tube, and an information booklet about the product. The tube the lubricant arrives in reminds me of something you’d get moisturising cream in, and could quite happily be left out without looking too suspicious.
The Yes For Lov Lubricant claims to be a skin safe lubricant containing no hypoallergenics, parabens, allergens, mineral oils, or silicone, and has been gynaecologist-tested. However, while reading through the ingredients I was slightly surprised to find that the lubricant contained glycerine, as this can upset some people’s PH balance. The product claims that glycerine has lubricating properties, and then goes on to reassure the user that due to the correct dosage used within the product, it should help aid in moisturising tissues, and compensate for insufficiencies within your natural vaginal fluids. The lubricant also contains hyaluronic acid, which is meant to have anti-wrinkle properties – yes, I’m always worried about the wrinkliness of my vaginal tissue – and this probably explains why this particular lubricant is so expensive. Apparently hyaluronic acid has hydrating qualities, and helps maintain viscosity when mixed with other fluids. Aloe Vera has been added to the product due to its tissue repairing merits, and its ability to increase the longevity of the lubricating properties. 
The lubricant is virtually scent free, and only has a mild sweet taste, which isn’t overly off putting. The consistency of the lubricant reminds me of my natural vaginal lubrication, what with how stringy it appears when stretched between two fingers. However, the lubricant stretches and spreads a lot further than my own natural moistures. The lubricant is clear with a medium thickness.
When using the lubricant I found it mixed very well with my natural moistures and didn’t cause any irritation. My main problem with the lubricant is that it’s far too easy to use too much; you only need a very small smidge due to how sleek it is, but the tube allows you to dispense too much far too easily.  The lubricant, when mixed with natural fluids, lasts a long time and is easily reactivated with saliva if needed. When using the lubricant on dry skin it was absorbed almost completely, leaving my flesh feeling refreshingly moisturised, and it didn’t leave any stickiness or greasy sheen. The lubricant hasn’t upset either my skin or my vaginal PH balance, unlike some I’ve tried that contain glycerine. When using the lubricant anally, it works ok, but personally I would’ve preferred its consistency to be slightly thicker.
Overall, I do like the Yes For Lov lubricant; it seems to mix exceptionally well with my vaginal fluids. I just wish the dispenser for it was better, as I can see me getting through the lubricant very rapidly, and completely unintentionally, because it is very easy to use too much at once, and I feel that this is very bad, especially when you consider its price tag.
Thank you to Vibrator Kingdom for sending me this lubricant for my review. You can purchase it, here.

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