Xcite Books Nominations 2013

With the rise in erotic literature becoming more normalised after the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, this year, Xcite’s nominations will be particularly interesting. Once a year, publishing company Xcite hosts an event asking for the public to select people who they feel have been particularly influential when promoting erotica awareness. “… celebrate and recognize people and companies that support and promote erotic fiction.”

You’re able to select five people and/ or organizations who you feel have been particularly influential.

Which retailer if your favourite when searching for erotic fiction? 

Is there a blog or website which is particularly resourceful when searching for the latest information on erotica? 

Do you have a favourite reviewer you turn too before placing your next erotic book order?

Is there a sexpert who you particularly trust when looking into erotica?

And, what’s the best erotic publication you have stumbled on?

You can find the submission form HERE.

Voting is open until the 1st January 2013

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