World Vasectomy Day 18th November

November the 18th is apparently World Vasectomy Day. Now it’s rather interesting that this event has fallen this week, as earlier on in the week a submissive of mine posted his vasectomy sperm sample. We’re still waiting for the results, but he’s pleased he’s at the final stage of this life changing event.

My submissive decided with his partner to have a vasectomy but was unable to have the support he needed during the surgery, so I decided to go with him. As some of you know, when I’m working full time I offer to go with clients to various events and appoints, including the GUM clinic, now this one felt just as important to me as those as it is something a lot of men worry about. The following is an account of what the surgery involved for my submissive, how it was done, and the after effects they experienced.


Prior to the surgery, my submissive received an outline of the operation and what he’d need to bring with him. The main portion of the letter recommended that he treated the next day as a rest day at the very least and to refrain from strenuous work for at least 5 days. He was told to bring two pairs of supportive underpants suck as briefs to stop his nether regions from jangling, but also to hold the dress in place – this was actually more horrifying to my sub than the actual surgery as he was a firm believer in boxers only. My submissive was also told to shave and trim his pubic area to make surgery easier to perform and so hairs didn’t interfere with the healing process. Finally, it recommended that you had someone with you as the procedure could make you woozy and interfere with driving home.

The letter comprised of several other sheets explaining more medical areas of what would be performed and how things were handled in an event a mishap occurred. I must admit when reading through the copy I was rather impressed how they used fun terms a relaxed tone when explaining various bits and pieces.

The first part was about the local anesthetic into the vas tubes and that the smallest needle available was used for this. Afterwards, a small cut in this area would be made to allow an access point for the surgery.

For this stage my sub showed visible facial expressions of discomfort, however, this wasn’t from the needles or cut being made, but purely from the tugging to the scrotum he felt.

The information provided then went onto explaining if something went wrong during this part. It explained about the unlikely event of a needle stick injury, which is where the surgeon accidentally gets jabbed by a needle that had been used on the patient. Luckily this is rare and didn’t happen, but I was very impressed with the information of how it could pass on blood-borne viruses such has HIV, hepatitis B, Hep C. The surgeon we saw has been tested for these recently and his results came up negative for any of these. Yet the document we got explained that the surgeon would go for testing if a needle stick injury occurred and ask you too (which I recommend if it does happen).

It explained what types of surgery were used to perform the rest of the Vasectomy. Once uses a scalpel throughout, however, my submissive received a ‘No Touch, No Scalpel Vasectomy’ which is where an electrical pen is used instead.

The guide was very helpful, and if you’re going for a vasectomy, I really recommend reading through the one sent to you from your doctor as it will be very helpful.

The operation was at a local GP. Our first point of contact was with a nurse who asked a series of questions to make sure my submissive wanted the surgery. She was fun to chat with and very knowledgeable and was able to answer questions eloquently.

During the process, my sub was humming to himself, keeping his eyes shut. I was in the room for support and the doctor was playing a local radio station in the background. My sub was very nervous, however, showed no signs of extreme pain throughout. As the surgery happened I was able to see some of it. The surgeon clad around the penis and scrotum with a sheet of tissue and had the surgical devices ready to the side in sealed medical packets. He cleaned the areas with a swab before starting the processes and then injected the anesthetic a few times. Shortly afterward my submissive could feel no sensations in his nether regions and the doctor was able to cut a small hole to start the main part of the procedure. I was able to see the hole and the hole didn’t bleed out at all. With a medical device the surgeon lifted the vas tubes out and used the medical pen to heat through them. There was no blood at all; just a little bit of smoke (the pen looks similar to a soldering iron if I’m honest). The first vas tube was divided, and my submissive was still lying there rather calmly. I must admit I was even impressed with how calm he was, particularly as he can be very sensitive with even gentle touching around his ball sack. The surgeon continued and pulled the next one out and then it was time to finish the process. With both vas tubes tucked back into their home, he heated the skin where the incision had been made, again, no blood, a little blackened around the wound, but not as bad as we thought it’d be. He placed a dressing onto the area and told my sub to hold it there and pull the two briefs up over it. My sub being a little shaky needed a bit of help with this, but both I and the doctor helps. The surgeon left the room to let him get fully dressed. Still. in a little shock, the background music woke him from the real yet surreal experience he had just experience and we started talking about it as we walked through to the waiting area where biscuits and coffee awaited before being discharged.

Now, there was one thing that was troublesome during the surgery though, and that was that my sub apparently had a lump in his testes. The surgeon mentioned it during, and I was able to even see it too. We both hadn’t noticed it before, and his partner hadn’t either. He was referred for an ultrasound to check whether it was cancerous. This happened a month later, and fortunately it wasn’t, but we are very glad the surgeon brought it to your attention.

Before he was discharged he was given another dressing to replace the old one in a few days, a sample pot to use, and a prefilled postage bag for sending the sperm sample in. However, it wasn’t over, along with the sperm sample he was told that he needed to ejaculate 50 times before sending it off and wait 16 weeks. Even if he reached 50 beforehand he would have to wait the whole 16 weeks. This is because 1 in 400 vasectomies fails. He was given a ‘Love Log’ to note down his ejaculations, which has actually help turn it more into a fun game for him.

It only took a few days until he was able to masturbate again. He found that when he did that there was a little bit of blood, but apparently this is common at first. The only post-op issue he had for the first month was with lifting being a bit painful. However, masturbation, sexual pleasure, cum appearance, all seems rather normal. There’s also pretty much no scar left. The vasectomy hasn’t affected his sex drive at all, and he seems very happy with it. His partner seems very pleased with the results too. Now the sample has only just been sent off, so we’re unsure if the surgery was successful or not, but we are hopeful and he has stated that if needs been he’ll be more willing and relaxed when it comes to another one if he has to.


You can find out more about World Vasectomy Day here.

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