Why Choose Glass Sex Toys?

The Pros of Glass Sex Toys


The material of your sex toy can change how your body interprets stimulation. With another texture, weight, and surface, it can be a good way to spice-up your regular sexual play routine – you can even keep the same motions in your stimulation but it will add variation making your body react in surprising ways.

Glass sex toys have a slick surface, giving them the ability to glide over and in the body with ease. They are generally slightly heavier than plastic and silicone sex toys, but not as weighty as metal dildos and butt plugs.

Once thing you’re probably wanting answered is whether glass sex toys are safe to use? The material used by glass sex toy manufactures is borosilicate glass. Yep you heard that right, the same material used for oven safe kitchenware to medical devises.

I had a glass sex toy roll off a cliff before and land on a concrete promenaded, it survived, although it was a bit embarrassing to retrieve.

The only risk with glass sex toys is the following:

  • Using toys anally without flared bases.
  • Using very cold glass during anal play as it can trigger the vagus nerve response in some; ice anal play should be avoided.
  • Bruising from getting a bit too risky and carried away, but you can moderate this with mindful control.

Whilst there’s a minor chance of glass sex toys going wrong, it has similar risks to any other sex toy out there.

This particular sex toy material can lead to exploring intense stimulation and is able to offer firm G-spot or prostate stimulation. When exploring glass sex toys, you have the option of many shapes and size, from curved, twister shafts, bumpy surfaces, to straight. A glass sex toy can appear to be like a work of art, and its textures can make it easier to find new talents in pleasure, such as squirting.

Top Things to Try with Glass Sex Toys:

  1. Experiment with temperature play.

Cooling it or heating it under a warm or cold tap; the running water will change the surface temperature of your glass sex toy so you can experiment with it during massage and masturbation. Temperature play with glass sex toys can mix up how your body reacts to stimulation, and when it has become numbing routine it’s a good way to wake up those erogenous.

  1. Try Different Textures.

The amazing thing about glass sex toys is that they come with so many textures to explore. When you have a textured glass sex toy using different motions to massage your sexual hot spots, or even surprise a lover buy rubbing it over their body. When used internally, changing from thrusting, rocking, and twisting can intensify the stimulation depending on what your body craves at the time.

  1. Add Massage Oil or Explore with Different Lubes.

Using a massage oil, or even warm liquid from an erotic massage candle can make the glass feel different. Glide the glass over you or your lovers’ body for an intense sensual tantric experience. Glass has the advantage that it can be used with all types of lubrication, from silicone, to, water base. Lubricant can change how a sex toy feels over your skin and deep in your body, and this can vary depending on its consistency.

  1. Find the Spot.

Depending on the shape of the glass sex toy you decide on, some can be perfect for exploring prostate or G-spot orgasm. The intense pleasure received from glass when placed upon your sweet spot, can lead quickly to a full-blown orgasm when mixing up rocking and rotating motions.

  1. Add vibrations.

As your glass sex toy stimulates you or your play partner in other ways, you can use a vibrator alongside it. Opting for a bullet or another sex toy for external play, as the glass sex toy is enjoyed deep within, it can be a double entendre of pleasure. There are glass vibrators you can choose from too, offering seamless stimulation and can be a good option if your body dislikes other sex toy materials.

Glass can come in various popular sex toy shapes that can offer different stimulation. Exploring is key.

When using a glass dildo with play partners, it is important to make sure they are able to grasp the sex toy fully. Glass can be slippery when wet, making it hard to control, meaning use of glass sex toys with a partner can mean it can go off course easily. Opting for a flared based glass sex toy or handle on the dildo can help them have more control over the sex toy when used in mutual masturbation and foreplay.


Glass sex toys aren’t a good choice for those who are uncomfortable with inserting rigid and inflexible devices. Glass is solid and firm, and this has many bonuses, but sometimes personally our bodies or sexual preferences for sex toys just doesn’t fit – POP or those with prolapse may struggle with some glass sex toys more than when using soft silicone toys for example.


There are many experiences I’ve had with glass sex toys and my favourite memories were using curved textured glass dildo’s for G-spot play. Glass was the first toy I used without strong vibrations that led me to experience and enjoy female ejaculation. Throughout the years, I have explored so many possibilities with the various mixture of textures on offer from glass, that I learned many other forms of pleasure that I thought weren’t possible.

Glass is versatile not just in formation, but in exploration, too.


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