What’s your type? Different Sex Toys Explained

A Guide To Sex Toy Types

If you’re beginning to look at exploring sex toys, it can be a bit overwhelming when looking at which sex toy to try first. Investing in a sex toy can feel like a big step as there are so many options out there. Like many, you probably have explored some self-pleasure, and may have been desperate and tried items around the house to get a feel for how different objects offer various sensations.

Items around the house are less superior when compared to an actual sex toy and can even lead to injuries. These objects we find lying around in a sexual frustration frenzy often lead us to be dissatisfied. Even if you haven’t explored this route of self-exploration, it’s always best to invest in sex toys and sex tech that’s actually designed for bodily pleasure.

Here’s your handy beginner’s guide to what’s out there to help you work out which style of sex toy will suit your sexual desires.

Penetrative Sex Toy

Sex toys designed for penetration are designed in a way to fit your body’s internal contours and find the right pleasure spots. Often internal sex toys are designed for vaginal or anal use and are made in shapes that are safe for internal pleasure. Some sex toys are designed with flared bases that mean they can be used safely during anal or vaginal play – if you want to enjoy both vaginal and anal play within the same masturbation session remember to wash the sex toy before switching orifices.

Some sex toys for internal use can be worn hands-free, such as love eggs which are designed for vaginal insertion, or, butt plugs, which can be worn for anal pleasure. Hands-free insertable sex toys can mean you can explore with other sex toys if needed at the same time, and excite other erogenous zones.

There are several common shapes of internal sex toys that are designed for different forms of orgasmic outcomes in mind.

Classic vibrators are traditionally straight shafts with no has contours or curves to them. Sometimes they will have a gentle wave running down its long chamber. These are often rigid and offer no flexibility, and most are designed to vibrate. Class shaped sex toys are ideal for those who aren’t looking for direct internal stimulation and just want an all over massage that spreads evenly throughout the vaginal canal.

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G-spot sex toys are made to help find the G-spot. Offering a curved tip, these toys are made to navigate your body and find rest over the G-spot with very little effort. Some of these G-spot sex toys vibrate and others are dildos.

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Realistic sex toys are often ones designed to look like a penis. Some of these can vibrate, and others are dildos. There are many options for these sex toys from different sizes and material. I often recommend the smaller ones if you’re just starting out with sex toys, as many purchase the larger ones and regret it.

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Prostate items for anal pleasure and play. Designed to stimulate the prostate, these can look similar to G-spot sex toys, but often with a flared base to make them anal safe. Prostate sex toys can be in the form of vibrators, dildos, or small butt plugs.

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Butt Plugs are designed to be worn. You can choose from curved shafts, straight shafts, and bulbed, for the insertable portion. Starting with a slender shaft can be a good starting place as the anal canal can become sensitive if too large is used too quickly when you are new to anal sex toys. There are vibrating and non-vibration options for these too!

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Anal Beads, are a long sex toy that the shaft is beaded with often gradually widening. There are loads of good beginner anal beads out there, that start small rather than appearing too intimidating at once. When exploring anal penetration, they can be an excellent step to working out what girth you’d be comfortable with for anal dildos and plugs as you can stop before the girth gets too much.

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Vibrating love eggs and jiggle balls. These are for vaginal insertion and can offer vibrating stimulation hands free. They can be popped into the vaginal canal and even worn around the house if you want a slow build-up to foreplay. Some can be controlled by remote of app and allow you to let your lover take control of the stimulation.

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Inflatable sex toys are often fetishized by many. As they can become pretty large they aren’t always the best sex toy to start with, and more something to move onto after exploring other sex tech options.

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I often recommend soft silicone sex toys as a good starting point for all insertables, until you have learned your bodies contours and what feels good.

External sex toys

Sex toys that are designed for external stimulation are for bring pleasure to visible erogenous zones. Whilst some external sex toys can be used toy stimulate the vaginal opening and inserted for slight internal play, they rarely are designed to be anal penetration safe. What body parts can you use external sex toys on them? Well any part of your body that enjoys added stimulation. There are many designed as clitoral stimulators, but even these can be used on the nipples, perineum, penis, and more.

Bullet Vibrators are generally thin tube vibrators that can be popped into a pocket due to their small size. These vibrators can have pin-point tips for more direct stimulation, or a more rounded tip to offer broader stimulation. They can be very powerful, offering buzzy or rumbly vibrations. These little vibrators are a very good starting sex toy, and one that can be used in couples play as well as with other sex toys easily.

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Pebble Vibrators are palm-sized vibrators that are easier to hold than bullet vibrators. With a larger surface area, they are often good for all over massage. Depending on the pebble vibrator you decide one, some of these can be positioned nicely between you and a lover during sex or put in your underwear comfortably, due to how they are contoured.

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Wand Massagers are iconic vibrators and are still regarded as just “sports” massagers buy some. These are often very powerful and bulky, but can lead to an intense orgasmic experience. There are smaller wand vibrators that can be a good introduction to these sex toys. Wands also have an advantage of a flexible head to make it easier to control where you place the vibrations.

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Masturbators and Strokers are sex toys designed for penises. These are often items combining textures in a tunnel style device that the penis can be inserted into. They can be vibrating and non-vibrating and some offer the option of realistic genitals.

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Cock Rings can be used to enhance an erection whilst also offer extra stimulation from vibrations during coupled and solo play. Often made from silicone, you can get various sizes of cock rings. There are cock rings that just slip over the shaft and some that also pop over the scrotum. If you’re a first-time buyer of cock rings, then an adjustable ring can be right for you if you are uncertain on which size you need. An adjustable cock ring also gives you the option of trying it over just the penis shaft or also slipping it over the balls too.

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Clamps and Suckers

Clamps can be used on the nipples or other body parts. Some can come weights, chained for tugging or vibrating. Suckers can be used on the nipples or clitoris. Often nipple suckers are an affordable option to give you the sensation of someone sucking on your breasts. However, there are now various popular electronic sex toys that can be used for stimulating the clitoris or nipples.

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Sex Toys designed with penetration in mind can often be used for external pleasure to, from using the tips to stimulate the clitoris, to exploring the textures in self-massage.

Rabbit vibrators and dual stimulators are designed with vaginal stimulation and clitoral play working together at the same time. Regularly in the design of a rabbit ears and a long shaft, these are excellent for those who are unsure if they want just penetration. Again, these are also ones to watch out for when it comes to size as some of them can be girthy, look for ones labeled as “slimline”, when you’re starting your sex toy collection.

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Double Penetration dildos and vibrators are sex toys with two insertable shafts. Sometimes one of the shafts will be thin and beaded like anal beads. There are double penetration sex toys made with vaginal and anal in mind, and then there are some for using together with a partner. The ones that have the two shafts pointing upwards in parallel are often for solo masturbation with anal and vaginal penetration together. It’s better to explore these once you have explored just anal and vaginal play separately as they are a big step up in the penetration game.

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There are so many types of options when selecting a type of sex toy, when selecting one it can be hard. To help think of how it can help you stimulate the areas your body urges you to play with, the parts you fantasize about. If there are types of sexual play that don’t turn you on, for example using anal sex toys, or realistic-looking ones, then go for a sex toy that is designed to stimulate other areas of your body.

There’s no real right or wrong beginners sex toy, and even when our new toy arrives in the post it doesn’t always live up to our expectations. If you are disappointed with a sex toy you’ve ordered here are some pleasure troubleshooting tips that may revive the device:

  1. Use Waterbase lubricant – too much dryness can lead to discomfort.
  2. Don’t forget foreplay even if you’re doing solo masturbation.
  3. Try using a different motion, circular rather than thrusting for example.
  4. Use the sex toy to stimulate other areas that arouse you.
  5. Don’t keep the vibrations in one place too long as it can temporarily numb the area.
  6. Take time to relax and get in the mood.
  7. Set the mood, by listening to audio porn, reading erotica, or watching porn.
  8. Still use you hands to stimulate other areas at the same time as the sex toy.
  9. You just simply may need a rumbly vibrator over buzzy, and that’s ok.
  10. Put it away, and have a break from it, you may find after a break you like it.



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