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Sex Toy Review for the We-Vibe Touch written by Ness

The We-Vibe Touch is a rechargeable vibrator in a soft contoured silicone shell. The toy has an ergonomic grip with a tapered pin-point tear drop tip and a slight bend in its body for effortless clitoral stimulation. The Touch is one of three clitoral vibrators from We-Vibe and out of all them it is the easiest to handle whilst the motor is running at maximum, due to its larger graspable surface area. Not only is the We-Vibe Touch a strong rechargeable vibrator, it is also waterproof.

 We-Vibe Touch Vibrator



The Touch arrives in a white cardboard box with raised textured glossy swirls. The box is more compact than a lot of sex toy packaging. The lid of the box lifts up revealing the Touch resting amongst plastic packaging, a charger within another box, a satin drawstring bag, and an instruction manual. The toy arrives with a charger specific to the country it is purchased in, although you can by an additional charger separately. Due to the nature of the silicone I’d recommend storing the toy within the satin bag when not in use.

We-Vibe Touch

The Touch is a contoured vibrator in a soft silicone shell. The silicone has some plushiness and can be flexed around its pointed tip. It also causes a lot of drag when rubbed against dry skin, unlike some silicone products water base lubrication flows smoothly over its surface, rather than drying out rapidly. The product is 4 inches in length and has a maximum circumference of 4.75 inches towards its base. The toy’s rounded base fits perfectly in the palm of a hand. Its hourglass shape gradually tapers to a point. Before the point, the underside of the product has a dip which is the perfect size to house the clitoris, for less intense and pin-point stimulation. On the top of the vibrator you will find the We-Vibe brand name and logo raised off the surface, adding additional security when holding the toy. At the base of the toy you will find a plastic circle with a single push button control and two magnetic charging connectors. The product will need charging once it arrives. The charger arrives in two parts, and magnetic connector and a corded plug.


We-Vibe sex toy

The device has 8 vibration modes controlled via a single push button. To use the toy simply press and hold the button for a few seconds and it’ll buzz into life. Click the button to scan through the various escalating, pulsating and continuous speeds. The toy’s vibrations are all very powerful for its size and the motor produces rumbly vibrations. I was surprised by how well the vibrations traveled through the silicone as softer materials often tend to noticeably dampen the strength of vibrations. The product is relatively quiet. To turn the toy off press and hold the push button for a few seconds – it will remember the previous mode in use when you return to it at a later date.

External vibrator from We-vibe

When using the Touch I required additional lubrication due to the friction from the silicone. Once applied, its tip was easy to glide between my labia. The tip softly pushed my clitoral hood out of the way, and tenderly caressed my clitoral nub. Although there is a rounded dip it’s the perfect size for the clitoris to rest. I prefer using the pointed tip for more direct and intense stimulation. The plushy silicone was gentle enough for me to enjoy direct stimulation without interference from harsh manufacturing seams, even after my sensitivity was increased post orgasm. The rumbly vibrations traveled towards the toys tip well, and throbbed deeply throughout my clitoris, rumbling the entirety of my vulva. The Touch produced a strong orgasm quickly.

During foreplay the shape makes it perfect for shallow vaginal insertion; stimulating the lower and more sensitive part of my vaginal canal. Occasionally the vibrations could be felt stimulating my G-spot. The soft silicone dip also worked well to stimulate my nipples too. The Touch is great for use during the bath as the silicone doesn’t dry out as easily when used under water, flowing smoothly and gently over my intimate parts.

Recgareable We-Vibe Touch


Cleaning the Touch is simple as it’s constructed from silicone and is waterproof. However, you may need to pay some additional attention to the raised brand name and near where the plastic control unit meets the silicone main body at the base. Lint sticks to the product’s surface, so it’s best to store it in the bag provided. It doesn’t have a travel lock, but placing the magnetic attachment over the controls works as an effective locking method.


 Overall, I like the We-Vibe Touch a lot. The contoured body, its plushy pinpoint silicone tip and its strong vibrations produce an excellent and strong orgasm rapidly each time. For such a small little toy it’s exceptionally powerful, and due to the materials it’s made from, it’s one of the only powerful toys I am able to enjoy multiple orgasms with. I’d recommend the Touch to anyone who’s looking for a small powerful vibrator that is still easy to grip.

Thank you to Bondara for sending me this clitoral vibrator for my review.

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