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The We-Vibe has been one of the top luxury couples vibrators for years and this has meant that its success has lead to the development of new models and extra features. While its older models have been a hit with my lo-v-e-r-s and myself, there were still areas I was hoping the company would improve when it came to creating a newer version. When I was sent the We-Vibe Sync I was eager to find out if We-Vibe had listened to the reviews and that they had improved on the comments they received. My main issues with past models were things such as the silicone used caused discomfort, and the device wasn’t able to bend into set positions so easily, and the G-spot part didn’t rest too well against my G-spot. So the main question is; does the Sync take into account my previous issues? The answer is yes.

The Sync’s other differences to previous models are the following: its shape is different and the G-spot part is slightly wider, its vibrations are stronger, and most importantly the Sync can sync-up to your smart phone where you can completely customise your vibrations. The ability to connect it to your phone also opens up the opportunity to connect the device to your music library meaning that it can vibrate in time to your favourite songs. It also means that a long distant lover can also control the vibrations for you helping you on the way to orgasm.

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The hands-free sex toy is a curved adjustable device that can be inserted into the vagina whilst still allowing room for a penis or dildo to be inserted alongside it. It is made from gorgeously smooth silicone. The insertable part of the Sync is 2.8 inches in length and 3 inches in circumference. The G-spot part is diamond shaped and has a series of raised ridges aimed at massaging the G-spot. As the device curves round to the external part it thins. The centre of the device is adjustable in two locations and can be bent into fixed positions to fit your body comfortably and perfectly. The clitoral part of the toy is larger than the insertable piece and measures 3.5 inches circumference, this too has raised ridges for massaging the clitoral nub. On the top side of the external part of the Sync there are two magnetic charging points and a single press button. The toy can be used via the press button, an app, or even a controller. To turn the device on and off simply hold the press button for 2 seconds. When the device is on you can use the controller or button to scroll through 10 different vibrations mode, as well as selecting the intensity you desire for each one. The app allows you or a partner to control and customise the We-Vibes vibrations; this means you can make-up your own unique vibration pattern to suit your body or your partners. The app also means that a partner from another location can control the sex toy too.

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The toy comes with its own plastic case which also doubles as a USB charging dock. It takes 120 minutes to charge for 90 minutes worth of play. It may be worth noting that the Sync will drain power whilst in storage so it’s best to charge the toy regularly.

Different sexual positions used with the We-Vibe lead to different experiences for myself and my partner. Some were more successful than others for one or the other, and a few have worked great for either of us, or not at all.

The We-Vibe Sync app controlled sex toy


Him: My partner found it easier to insert his penis into my vagina with my legs up in the air whilst I wore the We-Vibe. At first, it felt a little uncomfortable for both of us, but once in position, he was able to feel the sex toy rub against his penis shaft as he thrusted. He was able to feel the vibrations add to the experience – normally my lov-e-r find missionary the least sensational of sexual positions and for him the We-Vibe enhanced the experience and made it more enjoyable.

Me: The We-Vibe was comfortable to insert whilst I lay on my back, and I was able to comfortably position the toy to cover my clitoris, and G-spot perfectly. However, once my partner had entered my vagina, the G-spot part of the toy offered very little pressure on my G-spot, and while the vibrations were pleasant, they weren’t the right kind I desired for G-spot play. Internally, the device didn’t do much for me, whilst in missionary. Externally, the device fitted like a jigsaw piece over my vulva. It fitted so well, that during use, it didn’t move around at all. Now for me, this took away the rubbing sensation I normally enjoy during missionary position. When in missionary position I love the closeness of my lov-e-r-s body, and how his pubic mound can rub against my clitoris. While the We-vibe does have raised ridges on the external part of the product, as it fitted so snugly to my body, I wasn’t able to benefit from these during this position at all. Also as the vibrations covered such a wide area of the vulva, I found that the We-Vibe only teased my clitoris – I need pin-point vibrations when it comes to clitoral orgasms. Now while I disliked these factors during missionary position, I know some will love the fact that it fits so well against the body and produces a wide surface area of external vibrations, but for me this toy just doesn’t work for me in missionary.


Him: During doggy position, insertion was a bit difficult due to my perineum getting in the way a little during insertion. Normally insertion in this position isn’t too tricky, it’s just because the toys bent shaft miss directed my partner’s penis a bit, this happened less with the older versions as they were more flexible. However the ability to fit the Sync into set positions has meant that it stays in better, and fits the contours of the female and male body better, even if it does make insert a tad harder. Once my lov-e-r was inside me, he was able to feel the toys vibrations; however, the sex toys shape didn’t add anything to the sensations received whilst in this position for him.

Me: The Sync work excellently for doggy style for myself. The device stayed in place, unlike past models, which would fall out often during this position. Not only that, but I was able to receive deep G-spot stimulation from the pressure of the G-spot part of the We-vibe, without my partner being too rough. Normally to receive this intense pleasure to my G-spot in doggy my partner has to go very hard and fast, sadly this can result in bruising my cervix, however the We-Vibe meant my partner could offer this stimulation to my G-spot without risk of hurting my cervix as he was able to use more controlled and slower motions. The combination of the position, pressure on my G-spot, and vibrations to my G-spot and clitoris meant that I was able to experience an intense orgasm quickly.

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Both: We both found the We-Vibe Sync wasn’t as successful when I was on top of my partner as the device would pop in and out while I was riding him. While it still added some extra sensations, it also was a little annoying as it slipped in and out when we were in the moment.

Clitoral Play

The G-spot internal part of the Sync is great for pin-point clitoral play, the tip means you’re able to direct the vibrations to just where you what them. The External part can work as a great handle, and as you can turn off the vibrations via the We-Connect App it means that vibrations can be turned off in this part whilst the other end still buzzes away. With the middle being adjustable, you can make the vibe comfortable to use for external play, meaning that you are less likely to get wrist ache unlike when using some shaped vibrators.

Both external and internal parts of the We-Vibe can be pushed together and be used pinched around the clitoris or even nipples. The centre can act as a stable loop handle for easy control.

Penis Masturbation

The Sync can be adjusted to fit around various penis sizes and then used around the penis during masturbation. My lo-v-e-r rather enjoyed this, particularly as he was able to adjust it to put just the right amount of pressure around his shaft during self-pleasure. He does recommend using water-based lubricant when using it this way to make the experience more comfortable as the silicone can drag on the penis otherwise.

USB rechargeable sex toy

Cleaning the We-Vibe Sycn is easy as it is waterproof. Simply wash with warm water and antibacterial soap.


Overall, I really like the improvements We-Vibe have made to the Sync. The silicone is a lot better than past models which make it more comfortable to use. I like how it can be positioned into fixed positions. The winning factor for me is that it means I can have deep G-spot pleasure without the worry of bruising my cervix which will result in being able to have more regular and enjoyable sex. I also like how it can be completely customised and how this can help turn it into a easy to hold external vibrator.



Thank you to We-vibe for sending me this item for my review. You can find out more, here.



You can buy the Sync from Lovehoney, here.

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