Wanton Wednesday – Rolling-Up Stockings

Wanton Wednesday

After a big disappointment with bra fitting, I’ve felt a bit down. Last week I thought I had finally found a bra that not only fitted my breasts, but made me look like I had a slight cleavage. After a few days I decided to wear my new bra out under a nice fitted dress. I had a bath, and tried it on… the bra didn’t want to fit. It was already too big for me, no matter how much fondling and messing about with it, I finally gave up after an hour.  There’s two factors I should have noted when bra fitting. One being, that I went during that time of the month all us women dread. It had completely slipped my mind that my breasts would be slightly swollen, I feel a bit of a dunce. The second factor being, weight loss… I had lost over 3 kilograms since the bra fitting -_-;. 

So after a few days of moping and getting on with everyday life, I felt it was about time I gave myself some relaxation time. I made a nice warm deep bath, with a bathbomb. I did want to take a picture of me in the bath with the bathbomb slowly melting, but me and electronics (other than waterproof vibes) isn’t such a good idea =). It’s not often I get time for myself when it comes to pampering. I know a lot of women spend ages doing makeup and such, as part of their daily lifestyle, but I can’t put makeup on and rarely have the time to. So I decided to indulge in moisturising myself after my long soak. It was then I remembered how nice it felt to wear stockings after freshly moisturised legs. Slowly rolling the stockings up my leg felt rather relaxing.  After both stockings where on my legs I felt rather content, partly because they fit but also because they just felt so nice to wear. I was felt blushing for some time, and decided to spend a little more time relaxing. 

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