Wanton Wednesday – Rapunzel must’ve had a hard time with her sex life.

So recently I’ve been having problems with my hair. It’s just far too long. It may look pretty and very feminine, but it’s very inconvenient at times.  I think it wouldn’t be such an issue if it didn’t get in the way of my sex life. It’s very off putting to stop mid way while you and your partner are passionately making love just to say, “ermmm… can you shift a little bit, you’re on my hair”. Not only does it get in the why while I’m frolicking about, but it also gets in the way with sleeping with anyone with body piercings. One of my lovers once had nipple piercings, which I would enjoy sucking, licking, and generally teasing. My hair got in the way so much he had to take the nipple bar out before having sex.
The other month I was confronted by a hair stylist to perform some hair modelling for him. It sounds fun, but I’m a very nervous person. I guess its nice being asked at least.
But anyway, I’m thinking about cutting my hair soon, and not just the standard few inches trimmed off the bottom. I’m rather nervous about it and I’m not sure if I’ll do it because at the same time I frightened about losing it. Something needs to be done, just so it doesn’t get in the way of my sex life so much.
Wanton Wednesday

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