Wanton Wednesday: Power Hungry Blade Babe

The weather is finally suitable enough for me to do some spring cleaning. Tomorrow I plan to clean my weapons collection, which consists of around 30 swords, which all need oiling to prevent the blades from degrading over time. The job is pretty messy, and the fumes can get to me, so I prefer to do it outside on a warm dry day. Weapons and swords are one of the things I truly love in life and respect. I would never use them foolishly and they are mostly for decorative use. I do own a few which are for martial arts training, but they are very basic. 
When holding a sword I do get an immense rush of power. This often leads me to feel more dominate and playful. Oddly swords don’t seem to provoke this if used in a bedroom setting, probably because I understand how dangerous they can be. Also, I’m not sure I would trust myself with a sword in a bedroom setting, as I can often lose control, giving into my dominating urges. 
They are rather pretty though 😉 

Wanton Wednesday

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