Viper Flogger by Floggermeister

The Viper Flogger by Floggermeister is a handmade impact device, with light weight falls, tipped with rubber fork tongues. When choosing this device I was interested to find out about how the light weight of the device swooped through the air, altering the sensations produces from similar but heavier designs, when falling upon the flesh. I was also interested to see what other sensations the V-shaped tips could cause when used with different swinging methods.


The flogger is handmade to the highest quality, and whilst made out of light weight materials compared to others, I can see this device lasting a lifetime. Made with a solid 9 inch long handle, wrapped with high grip binding for optional grasp, and a comfortable rubber wrist loop for storage purposes. The handle is also adorned with plated turk detailing. With a total of ten soft lightweight rubber foam falls, textured with weave-like detailing, on both sides. The falls are a total length of 19 inches long and ½ an inch wide each. All the strands are tipped with rubber fork tongues, of a total length of 3.5 inches long each. The tongue tips have been securely riveted into the main falls with metal fixings.


When aiming the Vipers main falls onto the body, light weight foam strands impact with a mild thud, with the occasional viper-tips lashing out with a stinging bite. As you drag away the landed threads slowly from the body, the texture in the strands causes a soft rubbing sensation, which can distract from the prior impact sensations – this can be seen as a positive of negative depending on whether or not you prefer lasting singular sensations or not. If aiming the tongued tips onto the body in a quick whipping motion the ends of the product cause a sharp stinging sensation. Depending on the area the product is used I was sometimes able to feel the metal rivets kiss coldly onto my warm reddened flesh.

The flogger can be easily used on a bare back in a downwards motion, producing a mix sensation of scratching the flesh lightly and deep crawling which sends shudders right up through the spine. When swiping down the back, the skin quickly reddens, learning scratch-like marks. Personally this is my preferred method when on the receiving end of the Viper, as it made me become very conscious of my body, as well as impressed by the differencing of stimulation produced when used with standard fall floggers.

When wielding the product I found the handle easy to grasp and its length made aiming the device simple. The Viper is a very easy to use impact item which I feel most people would be comfort with using.

A bonus about this item is that you can easily wipe it clean with a damp cloth and soapy water.


Overall, I am pleased to have the Viper Flogger by Floggermeister within my collection. I always enjoy owning impact devices which have the ability to offer a diverse mixture of sensations simply. If you are someone looking for a lightweight device, which can easily mix up the dynamics of sensations play, then I’d highly recommend investing in one of these.


I purchased this Flogger directly from Floggermeister. You can find out more about the device here.

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