Vaginal Douching: Yay or Nay

Should you Douch Your Vagina?


Vaginal cleanliness and hygiene seems to be constantly brought up within the media, where the body’s natural odours are highlighted as a negative, so corporations can market remedies to keep you smelling ‘fresh’. One thing I’m frequently asked about is vaginal douching. Whether I’m asked by a company to review their douching product, or asked about my opinion about whether or not people should be douching their vaginas, each time my response will be against it. The fact is that vaginal douching does more harm than good.

Even in the 1970’s sex researchers Johnson and Masters highlighted the negativity of vaginal douching. Noting how it could lead to washing away protective bacteria rather than negative and harmless bacteria you may believe you have. Johnson and Master’s even highlight how the vaginas natural PH levels would normally return to normal after 8 hours even post ejaculatory coitus.


What is Vaginal Douching?

Vaginal Douching is where one flushes out the vagina with water. This is often done by filling a bulb-like bottle with fluid, then inserting the tip into the vagina before squeeze the bulb and expelling the fluid into the body. The fluid then runs out of the vagina, flushing-out the body’s natural flora. In addition to using water, there are various products available containing apparently harmless properties, designed to encourage the vaginas PH levels to neutralise.


Why Douche?

Some women douche purely because they feel their natural odors put off potential partners. Others may douche after periods to try and rid any excess blood out of their vagina. And some will douche to tray and prevent pregnancy after male to female sexual intercourse. There are many reasons why women do douche, and many are due to misinformation from the media.


The effects of Vaginal Douching:

Vaginal douching will not prevent any natural odors, stop pregnancy, help neutralise thrush, and more. The body produces its own natural defenses in the form of vaginal mucus and natural lubrication, this helps flush out any unwanted nasties naturally. Douching will just interfere with this process and lead your body open to more harmful side effects; such as bacterial vaginosis and thrush.


Douching to prevent vaginal pain, rash, or unpleasant discharge:

If you are experiencing any of these problems it’s best to consult your doctor. Douching will only flush-out your body’s natural defensive’s fighting against these abnormalities. If you are experiencing any of these side-effects you may be suffering from an infection which only medication can cure.


If Douching is harmful, what about cleaning the external genitals?

Washing your vulva and external nether regions can help prevent infections and discomfort caused by them. It is always best to wash your nether regions post sexual play. Try and avoid using scented soaps, and other toiletries which may contain glycerine and parabens. Wash your body with warm water and a soft cloth. Make sure to always wear fresh underwear.

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