Using Both Anal Beads and Butt Plugs

The Nexus Range of anal sex toys sold on Sinful UK allows you to explore different sensations by offering luxury silicone butt plugs, anal beads, and prostate massagers. Nexus is one of the leading sex toys brands when it comes to butt-stuff, they really do know anal, and exactly what your body wants and needs.

When exploring these luxury anal toys, it’s good to invest in the basics first, then work your way up in size. Starting with the Nexus Ace Rechargeable Remote Controlled Medium Anal Vibrator allows you to explore butt plugs and you can turn the vibrations on to mix things up a bit. When using the Nexus Ace Remote Controlled Vibrator simply apply some water-based lubrication and the tapered tip should pop right into your body. Once in place, it should feel snug and pleasurable. As you move around with the plug interest the flared T-base makes sure it stays exactly where it’s meant to. To add an element of naughtiness and surprise you can trust a play partner with the remote where they can change the intensity of the vibrations around the house or even if you’re being cheeky, adventurous, and daring by using it when you’re out and about together.

The Nexus Ace Butt plug is a good way to get your body ready for larger sex toys and even be used in anal training. The next step in exploring different sensations from anal stimulation can be by using anal beads. Add a bit of luxury to the experience by checking out not only vibrating anal beads but also remote controlled too! These Nexus Quattro Vibrating Pleasure Balls Remote can offer a popping sensation as each bead is inserted one-by-one. As each bead enters your body you receive the pleasant sensation of feeling full inside, and as more of the string of beads is pushed deeper within you may even feel a sense of achievement by reaching a new anal sex mile-stone.

When sessioning with these two Nexus Anal sex toys, I slowly start teasing my submissives the tip of the butt plug and send vibrations over their genitals and around their arsehole. With added lubricant when they’re aroused and warmed up I then slip the butt plug into their body and change the vibrations to suit my mood. Adding other stimulation to their body through tie and tease my submissive will reach a limit where they’re begging for more. They want larger, better, and greater intensity. This is when the Nexus Quattro anal beads come into play, with the Nexus Ace Removed I can pop the first bead inside them, making them groan. Do I dare go all the way? Of course I do! And as the rest of the beads dangle free for a moment, I’d have intervals by surprising my submissive by turning on the vibrations and tugging on those dangly balls before popping the next in. If they can manage all four balls, they may be congratulated with a good boy spank.


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