Transgender Remembrance Day 20th November

Transgender Remembrance DayToday marks 20th November Transgender Remembrance Day which falls at the end of Transgender Awareness Week. Transgender is where someone is born a certain sex which doesn’t fit with their actual gender identity, many go through transition processes to sync their body up with their gender and this is sometimes through surgery and or hormones. There are various Trans related topics which are covered by the media throughout Transgender Awareness Week, however, the twentieth is specifically aimed at remembering those who have been victims of transgender hate crime which unfortunately resulted in death either via murder or suicide.


With various friends, family, clients, and sex workers being Trans I have seen many go throughout transition and how they are treated by the general public. Whilst, we would all love a world where people can be who they want to be, sadly this isn’t the case. Many of my friends experience threats on a daily basis, criticisms within careers, even difficulty when applying for services and jobs. For many, a normal everyday life is made difficult purely due to many people being closed minded and uneducated.


Transgender Remembrance Day was created in 1999 by Gwendolyn Ann Smith who held a vigil for Rita Hester who was a Trans woman who was murdered in her apartment. Sadly Rita’s murderer was never found. Since 1999 the 20th of this month has been devoted not just Rita’s death but is a day for remember all trans people who have been murdered or committed suicide.


It’s not just a remembrance day, but also a day to offer support to Trans friends and family. It’s a day to show that you respect and accept their gender identity. It’s a day to help normalise transgenderism and incorporate it into our every day-to-day live’s, in the hope that hate crimes such as the ones remembered today don’t happen again. So that our Trans friends and family can simply live the live the life they wish.



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