Toy with me Tuesday Round-up April 2013

April was a quiet month for Toy with me Tuesday, but nonetheless, we still received some amazing and unique entries. With the weather finally becoming bearable for trips outside with our sex toys, many decided to explore their eco-sexual side by using nature and sex toys in conjunction. Maybe there is some subtext to these particular images; perhaps a particular flower  acts as an aphrodisiac, or a particular setting helps the photographer recall a pleasurable fantasy.

Dragon’s Kink produced a creative picture involving sex dolls. These particular toys aren’t the inflatable type. Instead we have Barbie pegging Ken with a butt plug used as a strap-on. As we’ve grown up, I’m sure most of us have experimented posing our childhood toys in creative sexual positions, if only for the hilarity it can instil in us as adolescents. Kazi proves that we never really grow up, and shows how it’s sometimes fun to be silly about sex and our toys.


Image from Dragon's Kink



The positioning of this dildo is perfect; it’s almost as if the comic book villain in the background is going to actually grab the toy and pull it into the world of cartoons. Titled ‘Fear the Flame‘, this particular image is about how silicone shouldn’t be damaged when held against a burning flame. However, Dangerous Lilly, who has just set-up Dildology, has found out that the flame test isn’t as reliable as we once thought. Read Lilly’s post here.


Image from Travel Nurse


AliMac offers us a flower. This photo is very creative and different. Normally flowers are seen as feminine, but this particular flower would be a perfect gift for any guy, thanks to a male masturbator as its budding bloom.


From My Sex Toy Addiction



ThatPosition managed to take some amazing photos this month, despite being under the weather. In this photo you can see a capsule like butt plug, with the post suggesting maybe indulging in some orgasmic play will help cure your sniffles. Orgasms are known to help boost the immune system too, so it’s a fabulous recommendation.


From ThatPosition


A few bloggers explored photographing curves. SugarCunt shared with us an image of her three top G-spot toys, focusing on the curve. Penny used one of the toys SugarCunt had also selected to show not only the sex toys curve, but also her natural bodily curves reflected in the metal. This image must have taken a lot of careful thought and preparation to get right.


 From Penny's Blog

One of the most creative and voyeuristic photos this month was by Macho-ism, where he takes the Nobessence Romp out sightseeing with him. Not only does he causally walk around with the Romp in plain sight, he also takes a photo of himself and the Romp underneath the Chicago Bean. You can see his vague reflection in the curved metal surface.

From Macho-ism

That’s it for April’s roundup. May is internal masturbation month which is already being celebrated by many Toy with me Tuesday participants and viewers, so keep a look out for people’s ‘Masturbation Diaries’, and images of the toys they used to cheer it and themselves along.

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