Toy with me Tuesday Round-up #5

Recently Toy with me Tuesday hosted a competition which asked participants a few questions about the meme. Below you will find the two questions with a selection of the answers provided:

What do you feel the meme stands for?

*promoting sex toys in a non tacky way for the main stream to enjoy
*Being proud of your sex toy collection and being creative.
*I think it stands for people getting creative and showing off their toys in a different way.
*For me, it’s about both normalising sex toys and bringing together sex toy users, bloggers, manufacturers and stores.
*an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.
*Toys are things to be enjoyed & can be viewed as art
*The freedom to explore, enjoy, and express oneself in any way they see fit.
*artistic sexual expression
*Erotica is not porn! It is sensual and thoughtful.
*Expressing oneself’s sexuality & likes in a fun & creative way
*Creativity and normalising sex toy use as every day and beautiful objects.
*I’m not sure, but I know what I get out of it. It’s entertaining and it stands out as “not your average.”
*I think it stands for a celebration of our toys beyond their use in the bedroom and of course a tribute to our creativity.
*Liberated Sexuality
*People getting together to be Wonderfully Unique
*Personally, I think sex toys are often really aesthetically appealing and it just makes sense to look at them as an art piece.
*A means to let folks see sex toys as pieces of art and not something naughty or dirty.
*So reviewers can share a common interest other than sex toys…photography!
*Being unashamed of our sexuality and toy usage.
*I think it stands for open and honest enjoyment of one’s pleasure, and recognizing how that fits into daily life and the world around us.
*It’s a chance to showcase our favourite toys in a fun and unique way.
*Creativity and community through a shared love of sex toys.


Why do you like the photography meme Toy with me Tuesday?

*It’s an honest and fun celebration of sex toys!
*I love how creative people get with their toys, I love it even more if the photos are funny. I wish I could be that creative and have an amazing imagination like that!
*I love taking photos of sex toys. It gives me an excuse to post them on my blog each week! It also helps to make toys appear more accessible and normal.
*interesting shots of sex toys i have never seen before makes me curious of the satisfaction it brings. 
*Wow, that’s actually really cool!
*It’s fun to see all the creative ideas that everyone comes up with.
*Nice excuse to put the toys on display, then use them.
*The different creative ways of showing sex toys is so much more entertaining and thoughtful than product pages on sex shop websites.  You get to see them in their natural habitat!
*I like them because everyone is so creative with their photos, playing with focus and implementing filters and such 🙂
*I like Toy With me Tuesday because it’s a great weekly reminder for me to play around with taking artistic images of my sex toys.
*I like the sense of community it brings, the creativity shown and the inspiration!
*It’s outside of the box, it’s fun, and it’s simple. It’s looking at sex toys in a different way than we are training ourselves to. I love it.
*Gives every body a chance to chat about what toys are on offer & enjoyed by real people.
*It celebrates sex toys and can show other that they are perfectly normal! 😉
*I like the pictures and there always introducing me to new toys. I see one, and im like, huh. That looks cool. 😀
*Getting a chance to get creative with taking photos of my toys which has gotten me to think out side the box for photos when I take them for my reviews as well.
*interesting display of sex toys without being overtly sexual(usually)
*It lets people show their creative side and not limit sex toy photos to just product shots.
*I think it stands for open and honest enjoyment of one’s pleasure, and recognizing how that fits into daily life and the world around us.
*Great intro to new toys!
*It’s interesting to see sex toys from a different perspective and see the creative ideas people have come up with.
*It brightens up my day
*I love getting a peek at other people’s toy collections and love the art-sy look of high end toys.
*I love the originality of some of the pictures
*The entries are really beautiful and exotic!

So, it seems that everyone loves how Toy with me Tuesday offers an original and creative look into sex toys, and how they are an important part of our everyday lives.
Here’s a selection of recent Toy with me Tuesday photos:
Take a trip to a sex toy museum with  Incendiaire’s Toy with me Tuesday post, picturing a classic dong on a stand in a display case. One can just imagine the stone sex toys pictured in A Rock And A Hard Place‘ being on display near by.

Take the new creative arts and craft course, with Sugar Cunt, and learn how to wield dildo knitting needles. If you’re a knitting novice, make sure you have your handy humbler pen holder near by, with a pair of scissors tuck in it.

Boston Bliss‘s photo shows the colours of Fall and how its cold nature drives most creatures away, but wait theirs one beautiful butterfly which isn’t flying away anytime soon.

Juliettia also goes out adventuring into the cold autumn weather; rustling amongst the fallen leaves she caputers another astounding photo.

True Pleasures finds a fallen apple which has become the home of a hungry bug.

Over the past few weeks we have witnessed various rainbows forming all over the world. This one in particular is very pretty.

Lastly, Blacksilk posted an awesome geeky photo, which you should check out here.

Toy with me Tuesday


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