Toy with me Tuesday Round-up #3

Welcome to the third Toy with me Tuesday roundup. As the meme progresses I’m constantly surprised by how creative all the participants are. The number of people getting involved is growing rapidly, whether that’s through submitting photos, commenting, or even sharing via networking each week – so thank you to everyone who is helping make this meme an enjoyable success.  Everyone seems to approve of Toy with me Tuesday, from online magazine, to even an unofficial approval from the Queen of England.

As the entries accumulate throughout the month, there tends to be particular themes which seem to occur coincidentally. A few bloggers have posted images inspired by Lewis Carroll’s books this month, such as Bondara’s photo ‘Drink Me’, consisting of a bottle of Aphrodisiac oil which would’ve made ‘Alice in Wonderland’ a very different story. There’s also Juliettia’s photo ‘Size Queen’ – alongside a very appropriate quote, “I’d say she’s ready, wouldn’t you?” –The Rook, The Looking Glass Wars. This year the world celebrated Lewis Carroll’s 180th birthday, which was also picked up on by sex toy manufacturers Doc Johnson with their own range of Alice in Wonderland style vibrators – some of this range of toys has popped up in previous Toy with me Tuesdays.

Still in the realms of fantasy, Vibrator Kingdom arranged a photo-set similar in style to the classic CottingleyFairies, providing some imaginative sexual magic. True Pleasures shares a photo of a fantasy themed dildo and her longing to be taken away by the faeries to join their mystical world – maybe she should visit Mistress Hella from Lovehoney to have her future read.

Toys have helped inspire a few photos this month, and I don’t mean sex toys. As Scarlet Rose Fox states in her post ’Growing Up‘, where she shares a photo of sex toys and plush toys together, “It made me think to how much my idea of ‘toys’ has changed as I have grown….  the flogger is made to stand out brighter than the other toys as a symbol that sometime we don’t stray too far from the things we enjoyed as a child.” Kari Rose, an avid sex toy collector and Hello Kitty fan, suits up her Hello Kitty plush with the perfect BDSM gear; that’s one playful kitty. Passion 8’s photo is bubbling with fun; they playfully float a rubber duckie on top of a sex toy ‘boat’ – the aquatic adventure reminds us how youthful we can be once grown up. As children I’m sure many of us were treated to small bags of sweets. Nice n Naughty shows us what’s in their pick and mix this month with their post ‘Sweets For My Sweet’. There’s a quick reminder from Ms Minx, with her first Toy with me Tuesday post, to always make sure you brush your teeth after indulging your sweet tooth.

Uber Kinky’s photo, ‘String of Anal Beads’, reminded me of a scene from the movie ‘Red Light Revolution’ – China’s First Sex Shop Comedy, where a novice sex toy user decides to set up a sex shop. When meeting with his supplier he is shown a set of anal beads; Beijinger mistakes them for a cheap alternative to pearl necklaces.

Macho-ism supplied us with two great photos this month, both of metal dildos. Each post showed resourcefulness whilst busily commuting to work and being stuck in the office. His photo ‘Mileage’ sped our brains into action when he raised the following questions: “If toys could measure how much you’ve used them, which ones would have the highest number? Which of your toys have seen the most action?” I suspect this is a difficult question for many of us to answer.

Incendiaire takes part in Toy with me Tuesday and lays out a dinner table, all ready for a Japanese style banquet, with two silicone urethral sounds splayed across the dinner plate as if they were chopsticks. This got us wondering how many people know how to use urethral sounds correctly, as well as being able to eat with chopsticks. I’d also like to quickly point out UberKinky’s post where they use a cock ring as a serviette ring – maybe these two should work together in hosting sex toy themed dinner parties.

Midnight Boudoir is armed and ready for action, depicting an ammunition stripper clip, handgun, and some Rocks-Off bullets. Her editing skills make the image look as if it has only just survived a brutal battlefield assault.

‘Bees do it, even educated Tantus toys do it, let’s do it, let’s fall in love.’ True Pleasure reminds us about the birds and the bees with their photo ‘Pollination‘. Luckily with Tantus toys we don’t have to worry about fertilisation, all we have to worry about is the addictive nature of their products, and how easy it is to fall in love with them.

Hungry Joe’s photo of the Tenga Flip Hole, using LEDs to illuminate it, is superb. If you wish to try something similar check out his photography tips too – we always enjoy reading tips and tricks, and over the past few months we’ve seen people utilise tips others have shared to produce ever more stunning images, so thank you for sharing.

Juliettia’s Toy with me Tuesday post, ‘Deception’, is probably one of the most ingenious photos we have seen so far. We can just imagine her photo on display at a grand art exhibition; she should be very proud of this one, bravo!

Finally, just a quick shout out to Kira’s Kink, who was faced with a difficult decision when Hurricane Isaac came and threatened to destroy not only her home, but her large toy collection too. She was able to quickly bundle a few toys into her HurricanePreparedness kit before the storm hit. Luckily both her and her toy collection survived. (Her house too, it seems.)

Toy with me Tuesday will be turning over a new leaf soon, as it’s progressed so successfully. I’m hoping to write a roundup every two weeks, as there are just so many amazing sex toy photographers producing exquisite photos. Thank you to everyone who has taken part this month, and you can view all the past entries here.

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