Toy with me Tuesday Round-up #2

Toywith me Tuesday has rapidly become a popular event, and we’ve witnessed a total of 60 sex toy photos being submitted over the past four weeks. It’s great to see both companies and bloggers taking part, rival retailers commenting on each other’s contributions, manufacturers of featured sex toys thanking bloggers for taking artful images of their creations, and bloggers getting involved more with each other and even building online friendships. Not only are people helping to normalise sex toys through photographing them with everyday objects, one blogger writes about Toy with me Tuesday and suggests how it’s an excellent way to recycle those unwanted toys:
How often do you go through and trash what you know you aren’t going to use? Here’s an idea for old toys and for your good toys alike: Notes from The Nymphomaniac Ness has put together a really cool photo submission gig.” – The Sin Doll, Toy With Me Tuesday, 9th August 2012.
Everyone’s so excited about taking part in Toy with me Tuesday. People are even posting their sex toy holiday pictures, from packing their holdall, snapping a quick shot in their hotel room, or even whilst out sightseeing. Toy with me Tuesday has become a global success, and I’m glad you’re all enjoying it!
Picking this month’s highlights required help from various people, including discussions with non-sex-related bloggers. Yes, they do exist.
To begin with we have Midnight Boudoir’s image, where she shows us a photo from her zoologist-style exhibition which would’ve made sex researcher Dr Kinsey proud. Midnight finds a gem in her garden which would be the envy of any magpie. Entitling her photo ‘The Crystal Cuckoo!’ cleverly sets the viewer’s imagination into flight, especially if you’re a birdwatcher; it is common knowledge that Cuckoos lay their eggs in other birds’ nests. These beautiful Ben Wa eggs may disappoint some birds, but I’m certain many chicks and cocks will find them cracking.
Foxin the Flowers helps highlight the fact that social conditioning has gone too far, using stereotyping when manufacturing gender specific sex toys, in their photo, ‘A Study in Pink’. Perhaps we need to move away from Victorian conformities. Scarlet Rose’s photo depicts an astounding array of pink sex toys, and like any avid investigator she sees beauty in something she has come to loathe. “His ignorance was as remarkable as his knowledge.” – A Study in Scarlet – Sherlock Holmes – by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
UberKinky pulls off an outstanding display of exhibitionism by calling out the militia and their most devastating warhead, in the form of a 13 inch king of the underworld escorted by its own armed squad of devilish minions. I can imagine it must’ve been an epic challenge to pull off this photo. In their post, ‘Devil May Come’, they call attention to the beast’s fine detailing, from tip to base.
A Couple of Wankers are back once again, and have offered us multiple, skilful imagesshowcasing their enthusiasm for, and enjoyment of photography. Their photography proficiency is akin to the poisonous nature of the Fox Glove in this picture, so much so it leaves a mental rash which ingrains itself deeply and inspires creative desire. This photo is beautiful yet deceptive, just like the nature of anything naturally intoxicating, but unlike various poisonous entities, which produce unpleasant and even deadly effects, the object of focus in this image offers pleasant satisfaction. 
Sometimes flowers say it all. They can resolve problems within relationships, either used as an expression of intimacy or as a peace offering. They have become a declaration of passion. This photo, ‘What Fleshlight?” by Leather and Lace, is budding with originality, and plays with the idea of where to place those romantic gestures once received. Maybe one should become accustomed to supplying a delightful bunch of both sex toys and beautiful bouquets when they next meet with a lover?

Finally we end on this shocking photo by John Yossarian, who has left us itching for more sex toy photos, with not only his nerve prickling photos of a Wartenberg Wheel, but also some beautiful butt plug images. This artisan is one who will pin you with exceptional mental stimulation, thanks to their attention to delicate details. His photos of a Pinwheel made a sharp incision into preconceived notions of this extreme BDSM object, showing it as a thing of beauty and offering us some striking snaps.
With so many submissions this month, there are a few more I’m sure you’d find visually delighting. Bondaracurrently produce some exceptionally professional images and also offer expert photography tips; you can find the entirety of their Toy with me Tuesday posts here. Lovehoney have a brilliant way with not only words, but also outstanding arrangements of tastefully photographed sex toys in everyday habitats. Macho-ism gets the ropes out, and not only binds Tsunami to a halt, but also uses other bloggers content to help inspire their own creativity. Fujiko-san offers us a lightning strike of inspiration. And Leather and Lace wiggle their way in with their twist on nature.
You can view the entire collection of Toy with me Tuesday posts here.

Toy with me Tuesday

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