Toy with me Tuesday: Let’s Toy with Ideas

There’s always too many things going on for me to get around to doing everything I want to.


But this is an idea I’ve had for a long time.

Many of you know of my photography meme, designed to encourage people to take pictures of sex toys, in everyday settings. I spent a good time thinking about what to call it and how to do it, and after a lot to drink one night, I got the guts to set it up.

So after months of planning, Toy with me Tuesday went live.

I loved the idea of bringing retailers, manufactures, and general bloggers together, and know for a fact that the meme has lead to many people getting connected.

I loved how the images would help companies form ideas on how to develop product advertising images, as people would be photographing the toys in settings they felt comfortable it.

I loved how it lead consumer’s to questioning about products, therefore helping to improve some stores customer services and search results, as customers would seek to find out more.

I also enjoyed how it has lead to many people wanting to try sex toys and experiment with a certain type of toy for the first time.

I was very excited when some erotic writers even used it to get ideas for sex toy stories.


I oddly thought about all of that before putting it all together.


I knew there would have to be rules so people would take part, I also knew it would work best through my blog.


But while I enjoy the traffic it brings in each week, sometimes I think I could do so much more, if it had its own site (which it does and basically already developed). People have asked me for more, from merchandise, books, and even to set-up my own toy store with it.Some have also asked me to allow images which contain full on nude and pornographic pictures, as many people hardly see sex toys being used correctly or portrayed in such a fun and creative way, when it comes to porn.


So I have all those options and ideas. I know that setting up my own toy store is a big no, just like how I have no desire to become a retailers known in-house expert, as really I want to work with everyone as much as possible.


But setting up a site, which offered some fun merchandise is something I’ve been toying with for awhile. I think it’d be a fun little side project of mine, and where everyone who submitted to Toy with me Tuesday, would gain a commission if someone selected their picture to whack onto a mug or canvas.


I also was thinking about the porn side a lot recently… well since September last year, before I became unwell. I really like the idea, but know it would have to be moderated. It would be a challenge really. I feel that basically people could submit a nude or porn style image to a different section of the site where their is a warning beforehand. People would have to pay membership to view the images, and everyone taking part could gain a %. I see a lot of people who’d be willing to take part, whether it’s in viewing or submitting.


I then have been asked for all the images to be placed in one area for people to view too. A bit like Pinterest, where people can select pictures by toy type for easy viewing. The authors would be linked in of course. I would love this very much and feel that it would make more people willing to get involved, particularly as people wouldn’t have to own their own blog, they could just submit an image.


But I worry, as having areas which would charge fees, could mean I’d loose some of the lovely companies taking part. Having a nude section could put off company people too, even if it was membership and had a warning.


I have a lot of projects going on…. but to make any of the above stages possible, would be a lot easier for me, than say write the entire copy of a completely new site I own, as Toy with me Tuesday is so well developed. Although as always, the lack of funding is a pain.


I would love to hear what you all think, either via email or please feel free to comment below.

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