Toy with me Tuesday: Feminine Shades

I must admit, I’m feeling a tad guilty about my lack of blogging over the past month or so. I’m starting to regain my confidence once again, and whilst I have loads of fab ideas, I’m still having difficulty putting them out there. Looking back at past blog posts has been a big help, and I’ve stumbled on some pretty amazing stuff which I had forgotten about.

This photo in particular is one which I quickly forgot due to being very busy in the summer. I’m not normally one for pink, but rather liked the femininity in this photo. It’s silly, back then I was so busy, yet putting together a photo like that would only take seconds. Now when I attempt something just as creative, it takes days to complete. I know I’m probably putting a little too much pressure on myself, and everyone gets blips from time to time. But it’d be nice to get that artist side back once again.

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Toy with me Tuesday

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