Toy with me Tuesday: Dare to be different

Since Christmas I’ve been rather busy with the Lovers and the OH. It’s been good, as I’ve needed to relax for a while, and these amazing guys have helped me achieve that. From cooking meals for me, taking me out on dates, drinking Jager shots with me, playing games, and letting me try out lots of sex toys and acts with them (for scientific research of course). I’m helping many of them explore a lot of different areas sexually right now, some rather daring, and others not so, but it’s all good fun.


I’m currently rushing around getting ready for tonight which will involve red wine, a meal, a lush bath and a strap-on. But here’s a shot of a few of the things I used with a lover the other night.


 I rather like the shot glass within the picture too


“Dare to be different…. but not so different that you become a menace to society and they have to take you off to the head hospital and conduct experiments on your brain. That would be too different o.k.?” – Being a menace can be so much fun though!

Check out who else is playing along by clicking the link below:


Toy with me Tuesday

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