Toy with me Tuesday #5

It’s the fifth Toy with me Tuesday, occurring after an eventful weekend which included the first ever TWMT roundup. After attending to the challenge of selecting just a handful of photos, I’m literally sitting on the edge of my swivel chair with eager eyes, looking forward to what you all come up with next. If you missed the first ever photo roundup of the already popular meme, you can check it out here.
So once again I invite you all to take part in this creative event, which not only should help develop your imagination, but also help enhance your finger dexterity with all the camera button pressing . 
I’ve always liked to take creative pictures of sex toys, but sometimes there isn’t a place to share them. There are only so many pictures one can use within each individual review. So I’ve decided to come up with Toy with me Tuesday where we can share more awesome sex toy pictures. Also, the great thing about Toy with me Tuesday is that it’s not just open to reviewers, anyone is free to take part as long as they follow the guidelines

Toy with me Tuesday is about getting creative with your artistic side and taking pictures of your sex toy collection. It’s a bit of weekly fun, but make sure you read up on the guidelines before entering. Once you have posted your Toy with me Tuesday blog entry, link to it below using the link tool. Do not link to your home page or a review, it has to specifically link to your Toy with me Tuesday post. If you have any problems feel free to contact me via email: 

If you are on twitter it’ll be great if you tweet your entry and use hashtag #ToyWithMeTuesday 

Please make sure to check out other people’s posts and comment – you never know, you might find some inspiration for your next entry. 

Toy with me Tuesday

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