Toy Joy Glass Worxx G-spot Gemstone

Glass is hailed as an excellent G-spot stimulator, but I’ve had very little luck in finding a glass dildo that actually stimulates the G-spot enough to produce a strong orgasm. There are a few glass toys which have worked for me to successfully produce strong orgasms, but these have often been expensive to buy. I decided to try the Toy Joy Glass Worxx G-spot Gemstone, as it’s such a bargain price for a pretty glass toy. The curved tip, rigidity of the glass, the various bumps, and looped handled for precise control all seemed promising for stimulating my body, hopefully leading to a pleasurable orgasm.
The toy arrived in a rather large plastic box with cardboard sleeve. You can see the toy resting in a foam cut-out block, securely held in place by an elastic band. There is no storage bag with this toy, and considering that the packaging is a lot larger than the actual toy, I would recommend finding a padded storage bag, or smaller box, to keep it in while it’s not in use. The elastic holding the toy in place is rather taut round the toy, and due to the bumps on the glass, I suggest caution when removing it from the foam. 
The dildo is a lot smaller than I had expected in both girth and length. Around the bumped areas the girth is just over 3 inches, and the smooth areas between the bumps are 2.5 inches in circumference. This toy would be ideal for those who normally find girthier toys hard to insert, especially as glass is non porous, and glides against the skin easily without additional lubrication. It is 7 inches long with 6 inches insertable length. Even though this is shorter than some glass toys I own, it shouldn’t matter as it is aimed at G-spot stimulation, meaning that only a few insertable inches are needed. The tip is curved sharply compared to most G-spot toys; the shaft often gradually curves round. When inspecting the toy, I did wonder if the surface area of the tip would be enough to stimulate my G-spot, as it seems to form a rather small point. There are twelve purple bumps on the toy; each of these is three quarters of an inch in length. On the box it states the toy is 18-Carat Purple, so I was expecting 18 purple gem-like bumps instead of 12. The purple is painted onto the glass; in some lighting you can see that it is a bit streaky. The paint doesn’t seem to wear away when scratched at, which is a good sign that it will last. At the base of the toy there is a handle which is big enough to hook a finger through; you could also fit certain bullet vibrators through the loop. The handle feels very secure and makes the toy easy to control. I do like the simple design of the G-spot Gemstone; it’s a lot prettier than some other lower range glass toys I’ve seen.
When using the toy I found that no additional lubrication was needed. The tip slid in easily due to how tapered and thin it is. If anything, I’ve found that it can slide into my vaginal opening too easily, causing a little discomfort when the tip quickly slides onto the top vaginal wall. As the toy is inserted deeper into the vagina I found that you can really notice the girth difference between the bumped and non-bumped areas of the shaft. When using the toy to stimulate the G-spot only two of the rows of bumps actually stimulated me internally. The tip managed to find my G-spot but it took a little more time than a girthier toy. Also, due to how small the tip is, it would occasionally slip and move away from my G-spot, meaning that it would take longer to reach orgasm. The handle does allow you great control when using the toy, especially if you prefer to use toys in a rocking motion rather than thrusting with them. It led me to a G-spot orgasm eventually, but I feel that it wasn’t as strong as more filling toys. I think that the toy’s design works well as a G-spot stimulator, as the tip is curved enough to reach the desired spot, but I feel it would’ve produced a better and quicker orgasm if the tip’s surface area was a little bigger. It can be frustrating when reaching climax, as the tip is so small that muscle spasms can move it completely off the G-spot at times.
The tip of the toy works well when stimulating the clitoris, in particular when the toy is cold. It can actually cause me to experience a slight clitoral orgasm, which is rare when using non-vibrating sex toys. The bumps can be used to massage the vulva and general body. When used to stimulate the vulva, the bumps can feel very relaxing.
Cleaning the toy is easy as it is made from hypoallergenic non-porous glass. Just run it under water and use your standard antibacterial cleaner; you can even put it through the dishwasher.
The G-spot Gemstone works well with temperature play. The bumps are even more enjoyable when either cooled or heated. I’ve found that when the dildo is at room temperature, the bumps can go almost unnoticed when stimulating my vaginal wall, due to how small the girth of the toy is. But when heated, or used in a hot bath, they create very pleasurable sensations.
Overall, I like the G-spot Gemstone, but I do feel that its girth is a little on the small side for me to experience much benefit from it. I feel it’s still a good G-spot toy, as it does seem to find and stimulate the G-spot but, annoyingly for me, it just slips away from my sweet spots too easily to produce consistent and strong stimulation. I feel that this is a great toy for those on a budget, and for those who prefer slender toys. It’s also a great option for anyone new to glass toys, as it has a loop handle, meaning that you are less likely to drop it while using it.
You can purchase this glass toy from here.

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