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The Touche Body Slide Play Mat is a massage Mat which can be used for sploshing, massage, WAM, or sex. It allows the user/s to get as wet and slippery (or even messy) as they desire. The Mat offers a space which is easy to clean-up after play, with its PVC Material being easy to wipe clean as well as having inflatable sides to prevent spillage.


The Mat arrives in a cardboard bag which is reusable. Inside you will find the Mat and a bottle of water-based lubricant which can be diluted in water.  The Mat is very big, pretty much the size of a double bed, so if you’re looking into getting this product make sure you have room. The product measures 160 cm wide by 200 cm long. The sides are inflatable via a foot pump, electric pump, or lung power. If blowing it up manually you will need to pinch the valve whilst doing so, otherwise, it won’t allow air into the inflatable sides. When deflating the product, you will need to pinch the valve and squeeze the sides to help push the air out. The product can take only a few minutes to inflate or deflate with an electric pump, it can vary when pumped manually (I can blow it up within 5 minutes, however, one of my subs who is a smoker takes a lot longer). Once inflated the product will stay inflated for a few days if required to be up that long. The Mat is black with no patterns or logo on the product. The PVC “play” areas is made of a thin sheet, and has no padding, so you may want to lay down a duvet cover under it for comfort.

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Body Slide

It was a year ago when I received this product and the first time I used it I didn’t actually use it for anything sexual. I used it to give birth on. Just like any planned homebirth, I needed to be prepared and was told that I would either need a tarpaulin sheet or a birthing bath for easy clean-up. I decided that this Mat was the best option for me, and so, in theory, I gave birth on a sex toy. Well; actually I gave birth on the Mat within my dungeon next to a spanking bench and queen stool (which too was excellent in helping in the birthing process). Midwives were around to help as well, and all were rather impressed with the Mat so much that they have even suggested to me that they should be sold as birthing Mats too. It was very easy to clean and move out of the way once the little one was born meaning my home quickly transformed back into my familiar surroundings quickly which was perfect after 41 hours of labour. So there’s the story behind my little-ones birth, which I’m sure will be entertaining when he is older.

When using the Mat for its intended purpose, I decided to use it with a submissive that enjoys WAM (Wet and Messy) and sploshing. With jugs filled with various food items or different textures and colours, I poured the contents over his body. He shuddered as the coldness of some of the foods hit his flesh, and quickly vanished into sub space as the food encased his body. With beans, custard, old tea bags and more over his body, I commanded him to roll around on the Matt as if he were a pig in muck – he was as happy as can be. The inflated bumper sides helped keep some of the food within the Matt, however, some still flicked around out of the PVC area. From my experience with sploshing, it is hard to keep all food or grunge from splattering out even with a high sided paddling pool, so generally, sheets are needed to cover surrounding areas unless they are already easy-to-wipe. The Mat offered a generous space for my sub to move around, more than a shower or bath, and even more than most pools. This allowed us t explore more role-play options. The Mat was also easy to step in and out of; some pools are rather high and came make it hard to move in and out of, particular if your sub is restrained or you are wearing heels and / or a tight fitting outfit. Most food items are easy to wipe off the Mats surface, even if they have been left to harden.

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Sea side sploshing special

The Mat is great to use when exploring squirting. When I squirt, my body fluid can end up a lot further away from my body than expected. The Mat large surface area is able to catch most of my body fluid when I can squirt, and is easy to wipe clean.


I was rather excited to see how the Mat worked during massage. The Mat allowed my lover to move around my body easily. A good massager from a lover can easily lead to more, and the Mat meant that we were able to get very passionate, and roll around within the area without getting lube outside of the play area.

The Mat can be used for wrestling if desired, although personally, other than clenching a lover between my thighs I am not into erotic wrestling.

The lubricant provided waters down well and rubs against the skin silkily. Unlike massage oils, the lube is water-based, meaning that it is compatible with most toys, latex clothing, and even condoms.


Overall, the Touche Body Slide Play Mat is a good buy if you’re into sploshing or erotic wrestling (or even thinking of having a home birth). The main issues with the Mat is the size of the product, even I don’t always have the space to get this item out and sadly the product doesn’t keep fluid in as well when used on a bed. I think I would’ve also liked the play area to be padded; however, this would’ve made the Mat very bulky for storage which I feel many wouldn’t have the room for. I do like how quick it is to move out of the way, you are able to roll it to the side quickly if needed (particularly handy after I gave birth), and love how easy it is to clean. It’s a great sploshing / erotic wrestling items, and would love to see the company make a smaller sized version for those with limited room.



Thank you to for sending me this item for my review. You can find-out more, here.

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