Top Sex Positions To Dominate Your Partner

When you’ve been exploring BDSM dating with a partner for a while, sex may naturally come into the equation once you both have connected with one another and established your relationship rules and dynamic.

If you’re in a Dom and sub relationship dynamic, you may want to include Dominant sex as part of it. Whilst there are many who believe Dom’s do not have sex with their submissives, this is in fact false, and Dominants can have sex with their subs if they are both consenting.

You don’t need to be in a Dom and sub relationship to explore Dominant sex positions as they can be added to any form of roleplay sessions that you and your partner are comfortable with.

Here are some tips on adapting popular sex positions to add a touch of BDSM.


This may seem like the most vanilla position out there, but add some under-bed restraints and a blindfold, and then you have a touch of tie and tease. Before starting missionary, add some tie and tease to your foreplay, and wake-up your lover’s sensations with a feather ticker or pinwheel.


When the receiver is on all-fours, this gives the Dominant access to some fun arse spanking. Start gently between thrusts and massage the cheeks sensually after each spank to connect with your lover further.


If the submissive is the one on top, you could control their movements by having chained nipple clamps to their breasts, doing light tugs (don’t tug too hard as they will be moving anyway as they thrust). If the submissive is on the bottom, you could make them wear a collar with an O-ring and lift them towards you with it for a kiss as you ride to orgasmic bliss.


Whether you think it’s overrated or not, it’s still a popular sex position for many. Adding cuffs to your submissive in this position can add elements of kink.


Top Tips:

When using tie and tease and sensation play during BDSM sex, always make sure you discuss your limits with your partner first. Both Dominant and submissive can have soft and hard limits that should be listened to during any form of sexual play together.

Remember, when you are exploring BDSM erotic play with your partner, make sure you both have safe words you can use to signal when you have reached a limit.


Any type of sexual play can be spiced-up with BDSM by adding sex toys, but if you don’t have sex toys to hand, then it’s all about roleplay.

Watching popular BDSM porn together may help you both form some ideas on how to perform power play without sex toys.

You can add verbal instructions to your dominant sex, and instruct, or forbid certain actions. This is an opportunity for one of you to take control of what sensations your partner experiences and when in a consensual setting.

It’s always best to start off slow when BDSM dating, and learn how both you and your partner feel when trying out new and fun kinky things.

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