Today I went to the GUM clinic

This is just a short post as I’m insanely busy writing and teaching about sex – huzzar!

The other day I had an encounter which wasn’t 100% safe, but also, I felt like my vagina had experienced some damage. On another note, I tested some new lubes, which had also caused a burning sensation, within the last week (not within the encounter).

I wasn’t able to attend a clinic yesterday due to being so busy catching up on things, but today I went to the GUM clinic, to get checked-out.

I arrived at the clinic late, as it takes up to three hours to get there, with buses, trains, and walking. However, they still managed to find the time to fit me in.

Now the things I wanted to share with you are the following:

  • You can have tests performed and a check-up when you’re on your period. I knew this before, but this is the first time I have had any tests of this nature done, whilst on the time of the month. The people performing the tests were very professional, and completely ok with it too. Periods are icky at times, but trust me, it’s not the worst these people have seen.
  • The other thing I wanted to share with you was how it made me feel. The doctor inspected my vagina for any sores and cuts, and luckily didn’t find anything, but she also did comment of how healthy my vagina looked. For me, this made me feel very happy, and I just keep wanting to say to people ‘I have a healthy looking vagina!’. Of course we won’t know the actual test results for about a week, but at least I have had my confidence lifted slightly, and the worry I was experiencing has been partly taken away.


Due to my career, I aim to get tested regularly, and also feel it is important to get things checked. I have multiple partners who I want to protect, also my career has started to use hands-on work so I want to protect my clients and their sexual partners, too. Also I’ve noticed that the more I venture into the sex industry, many people live the lifestyle, but lack education when it comes to sex and health. It’s actually even frightening to me in ways.


But yes, I do think GUM clinic check-ups / sexual health check-ups are a good thing. Not only in helping to prevent the spread of STIs, but also, they can make you mentally feel better, and to me that is a valuable element in a happy sex life.


You can use this website to find your local GUM clinic, here.

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