Titanium Pinwheel

I’ve been meaning to share with you about these pinwheels for awhile now, so while I’ve got a little time, here’s a little note about them.

While advertised for cosmetic uses, these little pinwheels are great for use during your BDSM sensation play. After all, traditional pinwheels where first invented for medical reasons, it’s just our kinky minds have put them to more pleasurable and deviant used over time. The wheels pins are made from titanium spikes, and are available in various lengths. Shortly after buying one from Amazon, I noticed sex toy retailers stocking them at a much larger price. While the ones stocked via sex shops are advertised as a sexual device, the ones above are 100% the same, and they also come with a plastic storage case (unlike the ones stocked in sex toy stores).

They’re really good and offer a slightly different sensation to standard metal and plastic pinwheels you may have tried in the past. The sensations are a bit more conistant, and seem to make your skin crawl more. The handle and the rotatory barrel offer better control when compared to other pinwheels, too.

Really it’s worth grabbing one at under £5 (I’ve seen sex toy stores selling them for £20).

You can find out more here:

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