The Weltinizer Clear PVC Serpent Lash by Floggermeister

The Weltinizer Clear PVC Serpent Lash by Floggermeister is a PVC Dragons Tail Whip with a highly sadist nature. This device is already well known within the BDSM scene, and had been on my wishlist for ages, and then finally a submissive decided to treat me to one in exchange of some lashings from it.


The single tail whip is made from a clear PVC lash, with a nicely weighted 8 inch handle, wrapped in graspable material. The items handle is adorned with turk knot detailing which is available in a variety of colours. The handle has the option between two textured surfaces, one being a rubber wrapped handle (latex free), or with French whip detailing. The item is a total length of 33 inches with a 3mm thick PVC impact surface with is ideal for producing welts with light flicks of your wrist.


A Clear PVC Single Tail Whip

A Clear PVC Single Tail Whip


During use I recommend around a meter and a half between you and your submissive / masochist. Only the tip of this device really needs to hit to make a lasting impression upon impact. Before using this toy you may need to warm your submissives back up with a lighter device prior to introducing them to the Wltinizer. The Weltinizer, isn’t what I call a heavy impact device, as it only lightly touches the skin and produces more surface bruising and welts when compared to the bruising caused by heavier devices.

Staring lightly with quick rapid strikes onto my submissives back, the PVC whips movement was almost invisible to the eye, yet left ghost-like whispers in the form of raised and reddening welts. The marking produced from so little effort showed as if I had worked my submissives back and my arm a lot more than one would’ve expected. Meaning that I was able to playfully enjoy laying another mark onto their bare flesh in quick succession and arousing my senses with the picture I was marking upon their tissue.

Leading with firmer and heavier strokes my submissive was shaking from the stinging sensations, showing signs of fear for the next strike, but purposely muffling their own screams and groans as they accepted and desired more. Suddenly my arm swept high and brought the single tail all the way down my subbissives back hard, making them want to crumble to the floor, but alas for them they were chained tightly to the St Andrews cross preventing them from falling to the floor. The sub started flooring my instructions on how to breathe to help handle the pain, and once he had become accustom to this he was able to take more, from light to hard, and soft to fire. His back was red, welted in places, and even cut asunder. At the end the Weltinizer was softly glistened with the sweat and blood from the session.


The Marking

The Marking

The whip is easy to clean and can be whipped down with soap and antibacterial wash. When storing the impact implement I recommend hanging the tail over a coat hanger, as the PVC can warp if placed under pressure. I have been informed that this warping can be fixed by lightly heaving / boiling the PVC section and lay flat afterwards.


Overall, the The Weltinizer Clear PVC Serpent Lash by Floggermeister, is one of my favourite impact devices. It’s just so pleasurable to use and is capable of producing long lasting marks with light contact. It isn’t an item for the faint hearted, nor those who dislike stingy devices, but if you fall into the more extreme masochistic side then I’m sure you and your caring yet sadistic handler will enjoy this one greatly.


You can find out more about this item here.


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