The So Divine Wild Thing Booty Plug

Sex Toy Review of the So Divine Wild Thing Booty Plug written by Ness


The So Divine Wild Thing Butt Plug is a silicone butt plug with a removable jewel at the base of the sex toy. The Butt Plug comes with three different Jewels for you to choose between. I have a few thoughts regarding the removable gems. I know some may mock this concept but I feel that they could help make something that can be seen as disgusting by some to be looked at in a more pretty way. They also give choice which means they can be used as an ideal gift for someone, particularly if you’re unsure on what colour they like as they will have the choice between multiple gems to choose from. But my favourite part of this sex toy having removable gems is that once they are popped out, if you apply some spit or lubricant to the base it can act as a suction sex toy.


The device comes in a box with the picture of the butt plug on the front. On the back there is a real size picture with measurements next to it as well as a window to reveal the colour of the butt plug. The butt plug is made from silky soft silicone. The base and the stem have some flexibility to it, and the bulb at the top has the tiniest amount of squishiness to its tapered tip. Inside the box not only will you find the butt plug, and three jewels, but you’ll also receive a velvet storage bag. The butt plug is a total of 9.6 cm tall in total, the stem measuring 2.5 cm in length. The bulb has a maximum of 13 cm circumference. The base is 4.3 cm in diameter and is flexible when there is no jewel inserted into it. I believe this is the largest plug in this jewelled series of butt pugs by So Divine. The jewels provided with the plug are made of plastic, and come in three colours, clear, golden, and purple.

Jewel Silicone Butt Plug

When inserting the butt plug I applied a small amount of water based lubricant to the tip. As someone who is use to anal I found I only needed a little bit of warm-up to insert the sex toy, as the tapered tip slipped into my anus I could feel the bulb pop in nicely. The stem was the right length that it rested in the right position to be not only comfortable but also was stimulating my sweet spots.  With the jewel inserted into the base I found it wasn’t as comfortable as when there wasn’t one there, however the jewel did add to easy insertion and removal. I found the shape comfortable to wear for a long period of time from pottering around the house to sexual play where vaginal insertion happened. Due to its size it meant that when inserted and I was experiencing vaginal penetration at the same time I found that my partners penis was pushed more firmly onto my G-spot, leading to a more intense orgasm.

When one of my male submissive tried the butt plug I was able to use the plugs girly appearance during sissy play. Whilst they were very comfortable with the butt plug they didn’t experience much if any prostate pleasure from its shape, however they did enjoy the popping sensation it gave when inserted and removed from their anus.

Silicone anal butt plug

By removing the jewel from the base I was able to suction the plug onto smooth surfaces which meant that my subs were able to enjoy a totally hands free and unassisted insertion. Although possible, I must admit coordination is needed for this, and a slightly longer stem would make it easier for some. To use the plug as a suction toy the jewel needs to be removed and some spit and or lubricant needs to be put at the bottom of the toy so it stays put.

Cleaning the plug is easy as the silicone is so smooth and dirt washes away from its surface nicely. To clean the base you may want to pop out the jewel and then use a cotton bud to clean around the rim, but hopefully this area won’t get too dirty. Once clean allow to dry and place the plug and jewels back into its storage bag (this sex toy is a lint magnet so a storage bag is recommended).

So Divine Butt Plug Sex Toy

Overall, I rather like this plug, it’s easy to insert even though it is slightly larger than some plugs, and removal isn’t too tricky too. It’s comfortable to wear and I like how the base can be used as a suction base if required. There are three different sizes available too which means if it’s too large you have the option of looking into one of the other smaller available sizes.



Thank you to So Divine for sending me the Wild Thing Booty Plug. You can find out more, here.

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