The Sex Diaries Project

With the start of 2013 almost upon us, many of use are making preparations for the new year. One essential for many people is a diary. Mine is already filled with appointments and events for 2013, and whilst many exciting and others necessary, my everyday dairy has very little room for any personal notes.

Many set-up blogs which act as an open journal, but still blogging isn’t for everyone.

I recently came across the book “The Sex Diaries” edited by Arianne Cohen. The book is a collection of peoples sexual thoughts and actions. Each participant was asked to note down all their sexual thoughts and actions over the period of 7 days. These honest accounts are rather interesting reads and are different from the unreal world of erotic fiction. From writing a quick few sentences about their real life sex lives, these everyday people reveal sexual fantasies, desires, and sex, which one can relate to.

The reason I’m bringing this book to your attention, is because there is also an online site, where you are able to participate with The Sex Diaries Project. You are able to set-up an online profile and write your own daily sex diary over the course of a week. Each day you are emailed twice with reminders to complete your sex dairy. You are also allocated a few questions to consider when writing your diary, just in case you are stuck on what to write about.

It’s a handy resource you’re able to use, without having to worry about setting up a blog. Also, if you’re anything like me, writing a personal journal never lasts, no matter how many times I tell myself “This year I’m going to keep a diary.” after a few weeks into the new year, when life starts to get back to normal after the holiday celebrations, it tends to get left within a draw; untouched and forgotten. So a seven day project is just the right length of time for me.

You can set-up your sex diary here.

You’re able to view some peoples diary entries here.

However, if you are after a more long term sex diary. Then you can opt for a copy of The Sex Journal, which also offers daily prompts and questions to consider when jotting down your sexual accounts.

You can buy a copy here.

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