The Ouch Two-Handcuff Steel Suspension Bar

 Sex toy review for the The Ouch Two-Handcuff Steel Suspension Bar written by Ness

Metal Spreader Bar
The Ouch Two-Handcuff Steel Suspension Bar is a non-adjustable two cuff spreader, made from a hollow metal tube with removable twisted fabric cuffs, which are onesize. The bar is lightweight and seems more for confining the submissive’s wrists rather than ankles, but the cuffs may fit around some people’s ankles. The cuffs are designed to loosely restrain your lover, while the solid nature of the bar provides most of the restrictive qualities. By applying an elegant twist to the black fabric shackling, teamed with the marvellously polished steel bar with ‘Ouch!’ engraved into the centre, this high quality spreader bar achieves a stylish appearance whilst still being highly functional.
Bondage bar
The spreader arrives in a clear plastic bag with a simple label looped through one of the O-rings. The tag provides very little information on the product, other than that it is made from steel and produced by Shots Media. The bar is made from a sturdy hollow tube of polished steel, and is a total of 18 inches long and 3.5 inches in circumference. The ends of the bar are closed off with metal caps featuring the ‘Ouch’ logo which is a silhouetted female figure. Each cap has two grooves running around it, offering a grippable surface at each end, meaning that the dominant can manipulate the bars position even with lubricated hands. Positioned 2 inches away from either end of the bar you will find O-rings, which loop through the bar and move freely. Linked to each O-ring you’ll find a fabric cuff, clipped into place. The cuff is removable via a hinged ring, much like a carabina. The cuffs don’t arrive with a locking mechanism, but if desired you could use your own padlock, hooking it through the various O-rings. The hinges are fairly study and I doubt they’d break easily. The cuffs are made from dry crimpled fabric which has been tautly twisted and then starched so it retains its shape. The twisting allows some flexibility into the cuffs. The cuffs’ internal circumference measures approximately 8.5 inches, and will stretch-out an additional inch or so. The fabric seems remarkably durable and I doubt it’ll rip during play.
BDSM spreader
This particular spreader bar is aimed at restraining the wrists rather than the ankles or thighs. Although I’m able to bind my ankles with each cuff, the fabric sits very tightly against my skin, leaving mild indentation marks. When using the spreader I worried slightly about whether or not the fabric cuffs would rub my skin, due to their dryness and textured platting. I found, due to my dainty hands, that I was able to squeeze my hands through the closed cuffs without prior unfastening. However, with both hands cuffed and attached to the bar, I wasn’t able to wiggle my hands free casually as the bar restricted my movements. The cuffs jangled around slightly as I tried to break free, but unless I focused my efforts on sliding my hands out of their grip, my body’s natural thrashings weren’t sufficient in my bid for freedom. I believe this is partly due to the texture of the fabric cuffs adding additional friction alongside the restrictive nature of the rigid bar. When using the bar positioned behind my neck, similar to being in a medieval stock, I found the bar caused too much pressure and discomfort. However when having the bar positioned against the small of my back, I found it offered superior restraint when compared to it being located in front of my body. I found that when my lover gripped either end of the bar, they were able to move my body in some quite unnatural ways; however the bar and cuffs caused no discomfort or chafing.
The cuffs can be removed entirely from the bar, meaning you are able to affix larger or more restrictive cuffs if required. You are even able to remove both cuffs and link them together to use them as standard handcuffs. If desired they can be linked to form a larger circle, which could be worn as a loose collar with a ring of O at the front. You can then hook the bar to the O-ring and use it to lead, or distance yourself from, your submissive. You could attach your own pet-lead if you wish. The collar is rather loose but offers some control physically, and is visually appealing as well as a little unusual for a collar.
Fetish collar
Cleaning the bar is rather easy as the steel simply wipes clean. As the bar has gaps in the tubing where the O-rings are threaded through, fluids and dirt could become trapped in these places easily. Make sure you don’t submerge the bar in water, and make sure to wipe it down and let it air to dry before putting it away. The cuffs’ fabric can be hand washed in cool water and left to dry. Some of the dye may wash out, leaving them with a grey faded appearance. Also you may need to re-starch them from time to time to help maintain their durability.
All in all, the Ouch Handcuff Spreader Bar is an impressive bondage device which is more restrictive than I first suspected. The cuffs may not be as confining as some may desire, but I was surprised that they were able to keep my small hands and wrists trapped with their twining – in the past my hands have houdinied out of smaller and more restrictively designed restraints.

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