The New Fun Factory Stronic Zwei

Today I received the Fun Factory Zwei, which is a new addition to the Stronic range of thrusting sex toys.

The Stwei is design for safe anal insertion and prostate stimulation, although the design if pretty unisex and should work for some women’s G-spots, too.


For ages I have been asking companies to make a thrusting silicone toy which would be portable and not jam. In the past I’ve tried TPR thrusting rabbits, which use beads to offer a thrusting stimulation, but these toys soft material and tech cab often jam under pelvic floor clenching and orgasm. With thrusting sex machines you have the trouble of positing a large device between our thighs. Whereas the Stronic range of sex toys are made from a completely new and innovative technology, to simulate the sensations felt during sexual intercourse.

Sex toy companies are always trying to rise to the challenge of making the most realistic feeling sex toy, and I feel Fun Factory have made a big step towards this.


As the Zwei is yet to become available, I felt I’d do a quick demo of the product in action, before I get around to writing up my review.


You can watch the demo below or by clicking the link here.

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