The Dogs BolloXX T-shirts

The Dogs BolloXX do some pretty awesome items for BDSM pet players, and now they are expanding their range to also include everyday wearable apparel.

So why not read-up on their campaign below, about their new sex and kink geek focused T-shirts.

The Dogs BolloXX Fashion Line – Apparel for Pet Players.

We are The Dogs BolloXX! No seriously, that’s our name. We are a London based Toy Manufacturer focused on Human Pet Play Accessories and high quality Fetish Kit.In addition to all our fancy play gear we want to offer our beloved pets a way to dress appropriate when not at play – ‘The Dogs BolloXX Fashion Line’! Starting off humble with cheeky t-shirts and tags we want to build an entire range of sexy apparel and pride accessories for pet players. Including hot n tight bleachers with paw prints and a two-way back zipper to accommodate tails.

Although we cant wait to give it all to you, we want to check the water first and see if our fellow pets of today are as barking mad about this idea as we are. To do so we started a campaign on Indogogo© which is already up n running and waiting for to take advantage of (no pun intended *cough*)!
There you’ll find our unique acrylic puppy tags with funny slogans like: “got balls?”, “I wanna chew your bone” or “I bite on the first date!” Those designs are exclusive to The Dogs BolloXX and will only be available with us and… will only be happening if you get your tail up n pledge for it! *puppy-eyes*
And of course our innovative and upfront shirts featuring slogans like “If you like it, pee on it!” or “I’m more of a Dog Person” and a fluffy feline design of “Pussy” for our purring friends.

Be a good boy/girl/kitty/puppy/piggy/you-name-it an pledge today!


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