The Dogs Bolloxx Bone Gag

The Dogs Bolloxx Rubber Bone Bit Gag, is a large bit gag in the shape of a bone, targeted at the pet play audience (in particular those into human dog / puppy play). I choose this particular gag as it highlighted the cuter side of human pet play, when compared to the more military style restraints available on the market.


The Dogs Bolloxx Bone Bit Gag is made from a combination of rubber, metal and leather. The rubber bone bit is available in three colours, bright yellow, blue, or red. The Bone Bit is 7 inches in length; the biteable centre bar is 3.5 inches long and 4.5 inches in circumference – the widened ends are perfect for forcing a submissive pets face into a fixed position. The gags weight is 500gs including the weight of the straps and the metal fittings (so make sure your pet has strong fangs prior to using this gag with them). The leather strap is embossed with the ‘The Dogs Bolloxx’ logo. Each side of the rubber bit, the straps are firmly riveted into the leather – I doubt the straps will break away from the main device easily. The gag is 20iches in circumference and will fit heads up to 24 inches round. The gag comes with a strong lockable buckle, so you can lock the item into position, giving you ultimate control over your pet.



When using the gag, I tried it on a few subs to get an idea of how well it fitted. The gag was a lot more comfortable than any of us predicted, and sat nicely between each submissives open mouths. The leather straps were easy to adjust around each of their heads and did not slip off easily. Due to the weight of the gag, I found that it wasn’t a long-term-wear item, but maybe with more training a pup might be able to wear it with ease for longer periods of time.

I found that this gag added a playful element to play, unlike some gags which have a more of a disciplinary feel to them, my pups / subs saw the fun side to wearing this particular one.


As expected, this bit gag can become very slobbery after being worn by a human pet. After use, simply wash the rubber part under warm water and alcohol free antibacterial soap. The leather can be wiped down with a damp cloth.


Overall, this bit gag is a nice change from the others available on the market. I like how the gag can also be used as a friendly way to keep your pet quiet. Acting as a device which can be used both as a punishment and a reward, by rewarding your pup with a bone that also keeps them well behaved at the same time.


Thank you to The Dogs Bolloxx for sending me this gag for my review. You can find out more here.

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