The Diary of a Submissive: book launch

On the 5th of September I attended the book launch, at Coco de Mer, for “The Diaries of a Submissive” by Sophie Morgan. The book is autobiographical in nature, based on Sophie Morgan’s real life experiences as a submissive. Unlike the popular fictional series, “Fifty Shades”, Sophie’s book is well written and depicts the BDSM lifestyle in an accurate, accessible manner.
I was so excited about my trip to Coco de Mer that I arrived a few hours beforehand to take a look around the shop. I’ve never felt so at home when visiting an erotic boutique, and even helped a few customers with their purchases, which was a lovely experience. I also got to see a few products which I’ve helped design, beautifully laid out in the glass display cabinets. 
Photo from Coco de Mer
The book reading was excellently performed by Cheska Hull, from the UK reality TV series “Made in Chelsea”. Cheska was fluid and clear when reading the book, even when projecting words which would make many stutter and blush. Also attending with Cheska were co-stars Gabriella Ellis and Ollie Locke.
During the event there was a plentiful supply of champagne and miniature cupcakes, with regular breaks for people to top-up their glasses and mingle. I had a few interesting conversations; one that particularly stood out was with the fashion designer from Gorgeous Couture who designed Cheska’s dress. We nattered away about sex, and he got me to pose for photos with him and friends. I also posed in a photo holding the nJoy Eleven, where I was directed to treat it as if it were an award – one day I intend to own one of these fine awards for myself. Everyone particularly liked my Age of Reason scarf ‘Orgy’; it took most of them a while to work out the design as the silken furls draped around my neck.
After the reading there was a basic Spanking Salon, run by Allison from Coco De Mer. I personally felt it could have gone into a little more depth, but the content provided was well presented. Maybe I’ll attend one of their more advanced Salons in the future. The press attending the event seemed to love the Salon. Allison was excellent at staging the class, and was very confident as she strutted around with her implements of impacting pleasure.
Image from Coco de Mer
Sadly I had to rush off to get a train home, but just before leaving I had the amazing opportunity to meet Victoria Bliss, who is an erotic author I’ve chatted with online before. Victoria was kind enough to walk with me to the tube station and we had a lovely conversation.
The event was amazing and everyone involved was helpful and kind, doing an excellent job. Finally I offer big congratulations to Sophie Morgan and the success of her book!

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