The Crystal Glass Anal Butt Plug

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The Crystal Glass Anal Butt Plug is a contoured plug with an ergonomic curve suitable for prostate stimulation. I decided to purchase this toy due to its unique shape for a glass anal sex toy – most anal plugs made from glass are in the traditional cone shape and often fail to stay inside during wear. I was hopeful that this sex toy would stay in position better. Another advantage about this butt plug is that it is made from a non-porous material and can be sterilised easily, due to this I am able to allow my partner to experiment with it too, meaning that I am able to see how effective it is during prostate stimulation.

The product arrives in a well laid out cardboard box with an image of the product pictured on the front. At the side of the box you are able to view the butt plug resting inside. The butt plug is positioned between two foam inserts. The product doesn’t arrive with a storage pouch unlike many other glass sex toys.

The sex toy is made from black borosilicate glasses, meaning that it is strong than everyday drinking glass, and less likely to break. The base of the plug is oval in shape, during my initial inspection I was slightly concerned about the flare being too small, but it seems perfectly safe after multiple tests. The stem of the plug is very short only being 0.75 inches in length. The main insertable shaft offers the total length of approximately 2.5 inches of length. The main part of the product is in the shape of a single curving finger as well as being in similar size to an average index finger. The tip of the toy is rounded for easy and comfortable insertion.
Due to the Crystal Glass Butt Plus being made from glass you can use either water base or silicone lubricant.
During use I used some additional lubrication on the plugs tip as well as applying a large lashing on my body around my anus. The plug required very little foreplay prior to insertion and comfortable slipped into my anal canal. Its curved contours sat comfortably against my body’s natural form. The oval base of the product rested smoothly between my buttocks and didn’t cause any unwanted discomfort or distractions. The butt plug seemed to stay in position well for short lengths of time, however it didn’t sit right when moving around a lot, and would sometimes slide out of my body. I believe the stem could be slightly longer to prevent this, as for my body, the products main shaft and base seem perfect. When experimenting with wearing the product during clitoral and vaginal masturbation, I enjoyed the additional pressure the plug applied against the back of my vaginal canal. However the plug wasn’t able to withstand the rhythmic pulses of my pelvic floor muscles clenching and releasing during climax, and simply just popped out during mid orgasm.

When using the plug on a male partner. They found that insertion with a small application of lubrication and arousal worked well too. The plug works pretty much in the same way as the experience I had when being used as a standard butt plug. However, when using the curved shaft for prostate stimulation my lover found that the base was far too small to offer the right motions to the shaft needed for the stimulation they desired. They also found that the toy would always curve to one side when inserted into the anal canal and therefore rest away from their prostate. While the plug offered them some additional stimulation during play, they found that it wasn’t suitable for prostate massage. The main issue seems to be that yet again the stem needs to be longer – they found that that bulbous proportion just above the stem only just sat inside the anal canal.

When cleaning the product you can wash the glass under warm water and your standard antibacterial wash. The product can also be sterilised or placed on the top self in a dishwasher.

Overall, I think the shape of this plug is a great improvement when compared to many other glass anal plugs on the market. Its base offers enough security that it doesn’t feel like it would slip inside the anal canal easily. The products shaft is perfect for comfortable insertion, and while it didn’t sit right for my partner’s prostate, it still sat comfortably in their body as well as inside mine during personal use. The main change which I feel is needed for this toy is the stem just being a tad longer, then it would be a perfect product, which is also at an excellent and affordable price.


I purchased this plug from Lovehoney. You can find out more here.


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