Tantus Vamp

Tantus seem to do some of the most attractive realistic dildos I’ve come across; if you asked me a year or so ago I would’ve said that, even though the shape of realistic penis toys have their benefits, their appearance left little to my imagination and often gave a sense that they were rather unattractive. Finally I invested in getting a few dildos manufactured by Tantus, and since then it’s changed my outlook on realistic looking sex toys. The Tantus Vamp also appealed to me, as I seem to have a slight vampire fetish, though you don’t have to dig vampires to appreciate this toy.
The Vamp comes in a clear plastic box with a sticker on the front, stating ‘The Vamp Series’. This box isn’t really appropriate for a vampire related item as it doesn’t block out sunlight, but it is the standard Tantus packaging, and looks acceptable as sex toy packaging goes.  The Vamp is human friendly by being made from hypoallergenic, hygienic, phthalate free, odourless, tasteless, non-toxic, ultra-premium platinum silicone. The toy is resting inside a plastic clamshell which is easy to remove from the box.
The toy is 7.5 inches in length when you include its flared base; it has 7 inches of insertable length. It’s in the style of a realistic penis but with an oversized head. The head is approximately 5.25 inches in circumference at its widest point; the main shaft of the toy is around 4.75 inches in circumference. The shaft has a very slight curve, and due to the prominent head I feel that this toy would be good for stimulating some people’s G-spot. The base of the toy is flared and can be used with 1.75 inch diameter O-ring in a harness; it also provides a little suction, allowing you to affix it to some suitable surfaces. I haven’t tried the Vamp with a harness, but the flared base feels a bit flimsy, meaning that you might not get the best control when you add the Vamp to your favourite strap-on. The Vamp is made from firm yet plushy feeling silicone, which has a glossy finish with only moderate drag when rubbed against dry skin. The silicone has a shimmer effect – when buying the Vamp I did wonder if the glitter would add some texture to the toy, but the silicone is completely smooth. Also none of the glitter rubs off, which is a bonus as I don’t like the idea of getting glitter round my nether regions. Due to the sparkly nature of the Vamp it would be perfect for anyone who’s a fan of the Twilight movies/books. There are various vein-like ridges on the toy, making it appear even more realistic. The head of the toy resembles the glans of a penis, though these aren’t as detailed as some realistic toys. Also, even though the head is larger than the average sized bellend, the tip gently tapers. 
The Vamp is designed to be able to be cooled or heated. Tantus recommend you place the Vamp in the fridge to give it an extra chilling effect, which presumably a creature of the living dead would have. I placed it into my fridge for approximately 30 minutes, and when I removed the Vamp from its ice cold crypt it did feel surprisingly cold, and kept its temperature for almost an hour. I’ve not experimented with putting silicone toys into the fridge before, so I can’t comment to whether this is any different from putting another silicone toy in the refrigerator. The silicone didn’t cool as much as a glass or metal toy, but it was still very noticeable.
When using the Vamp I found that no additional lubrication was needed. The smoothness of the silicone and tapered tip meant that I had no difficultly inserting the toy. Due to the pronounced head of the toy, I found that if I hadn’t had much foreplay prior to insertion it would cause a little discomfort when entering the first few inches of the vagina. The Vamps head managed to find my G-spot quickly and caused me to have an orgasm rapidly. When using the Vamp I found that the silicone would sometimes become slippery to handle, and due to the flexibility of the base it could become difficult when using the toy in a thrusting motion. This doesn’t seem to matter too much, as the Vamp always makes me orgasm reasonably quickly; it can be a nuisance when I desire multiple orgasms. The vein-like ridges weren’t overly noticeable and didn’t seem to add any extra stimulation, though some might be more sensitive to them. When removing the toy I thought the head would catch slightly, as some toys with prominent features at the tip can, but it slipped out of my vagina with surprising ease.
The Vamp is also perfect for anal stimulation due to the flared base and hygienic nature of the silicone. I haven’t tested it out anally, but I feel if you are comfortable with slightly above average anal toys then the Vamp would be a great addition to your toy collection.
The glossy exterior of the Vamp makes it very easy to clean with water and your standard toy cleaner. The toy can also be easily sterilized, boiled, and even bleached clean. Unlike other Tantus products I own, the packaging doesn’t state that the toy is dishwasher safe; this might be due to the glittery nature of the toy, as I know some products with metallic effect lose their shimmer after being put through a dishwasher.
Overall, the Vamp is an amazing dildo that’s perfect for anyone, whether you just want a good quality realistic dildo, or for those who have a vampire fetish. It certainly gives one killer orgasm, and I’ll be digging this one out its casket often. 
You can purchase the Tantus Vamp from Lovehoney.

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