Tantus Ryder

Sex Toy Review of the Tantus Ryder Butt Plug written by Ness

The Tantus Ryder is one of those plugs I’ve seen and heard great things about; almost everyone who has tried one thoroughly recommends it as a toy box essential. With my past experiences with Tantus products, I too was already expecting great things from this plug, and when I was offered one to review I jumped at the opportunity. The Ryder is one of the few toys people recommend not only for seasoned anal users but also beginners. I’m not sure I’d recommend this as your first anal toy, as the size is a lot bigger than I had expected, but if you have a little experience with anal play then I would definitely recommend it as a ‘toy box essential’. I’m not trying to follow the crowd; from my personal experiences, this really is a great plug.
Tantus Silicone Butt Plug
The plug arrives in the standard Tantus packaging of a clear box with printed product information. It is held in place by a plastic clam shell. The box is a little bulky and I would recommend you find an alternative suitable storage device, such as a bag, as lint sticks to the silicone easily.
Online, images of the Tantus Ryder make it appear a lot smaller than it actually is. It isn’t the largest anal toy out there, but it really isn’t for complete beginners. The toy is 4.25 inches in length with 4 inches of insertable length. The tip of the toy is slightly tapered. The toy is a straight anal plug rather than a curved prostate style plug – this made me wonder if the plug would work for me, as I often get along better with curved plugs. The head of the toy is in an elongated egg shape, and is 3 inches long with a maximum girth of 4.75 inches. The head of the toy is made from plushy silicone with a firmer feeling core, and it is slightly flexible. The stem of the toy is an inch in length and 2.5 inches in circumference. The stem is very flexible. The base of the toy is flared with a rectangular tab of silicone, measuring approximately 2.5 inches by an inch. The flared base is very flexible and will rest comfortably against your body’s natural contours. The silicone is glossy and completely seamless; it causes moderate drag when rubbed against dry skin.
When using the toy I recommend using a good amount of water base lubricant and foreplay prior to inserting. I have inserted the toy when my body wasn’t overly relaxed, and the experience was slightly uncomfortable while the toy was still getting into position. When my body is relaxed I don’t seem to experience any discomfort. I think this is due to the slightly larger than average girth, and how the tip is wider and less tapered than others. Once the toy had been inserted, the Ryder felt very comfortable. I could easily feel my pelvic floor muscles grip onto the stem, and the pod-like body gave me a sense of fullness. I’m able to feel the muscles surrounding my anal canal softly press down on the silicone body, producing quite a pleasurable sensation. I found that due to the flexibility of the stem the toy would move ever so slightly with me, while the flared base rested in place comfortably, without being off-putting. The base rested close to my body and wasn’t noticeable under clothing. It also didn’t get in the way of vaginal penetration. I found that the plug stayed in place and didn’t fall out during orgasm, unlike some. The plug is extremely comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, partly due to the silicone being lighter than some materials – I’ve even almost fallen asleep with it in. Removing the Ryder is effortless, and it easily pops out when required, due to its glossy exterior.
Tantus Ryder
Cleaning the Ryder is a pleasant joy compared to some anal toys, even when compared with some other silicone ones. As it doesn’t have any seam, and is made from glossy silicone, dirt wipes easily away from its surface. The toy can be cleaned with your standard antibacterial wash and water, sterilised, bleached, or placed into the dishwasher.
Silicone Anal Toy
Overall, I like the Tantus Ryder. It is one of those toys I’m happy to wear for prolonged periods. I have to make sure I’m relaxed before use, although not everyone has this problem. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with some anal experience who is looking for a body friendly, comfortable toy, which they just want to wear without having the worry of it popping out.


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