Tantus Cush

I’ve wanted the Cush before it even became available in the UK, and as soon as I was offered the chance to review one for Lovehoney, I jumped at the opportunity. For me it’s one of the most exciting toys I’ve been asked to review, as I prefer using and writing about dildos, and in particular Tantus toys. The Cush is a beautiful semi-realistic, above average girth dildo, made from Tantus’s unique blend of silicone known as O2. O2 silicone is designed to have a firm core, and a squishy outer layer, which is meant to give a closer resemblance to a real penis than your bog-standard silicone would – some might even compare O2 silicone to jelly or rubber toys, but it isn’t really the same. The Cush is designed to stimulate the G-spot, while having soft ridges lower on the shaft that are meant to caress the vulva and vaginal entrance.
When the Cush arrived the first thing I did was admire it. It’s rare for me to admire a toy like I did with the Cush, every now and again going to poke it, and being in awe of its cushiness; I felt like a big kid running up to it every now and again, and just poking it and running away with a playful smile – I’m sure I’m not the only one who has reacted this was to a Tantus O2 product.
The Cush arrives in the standard Tantus packaging, which is a clear plastic box, with a plastic clamshell inside keeping the toy secure. The toy is made from ultra-premium platinum silicone; that means it’s non-toxic, hypoallergenic, odourless, tasteless and phthalate free. The Cush is an above average sized toy and is ideal for size queens and kings – aka people who enjoy large toys – though I feel that intermediate dildo users shouldn’t find the Cush too challenging, compared to other dildos made from different materials and/or silicone blends. The Cush is approximately 7.5 inches in length, with 7 inches of insertable shaft. At the tip there is a large head which is slightly pointed, and is just over two inches in length. Below the head is a curved ridge that dips down a further 2.5 inches on the shaft, meaning that the toy offers 5 inches of ridge and raised textured stimulation. The head of the toy resembles the glans on a penis and has 5.75 inches of girth at the widest point. The rest of toys shaft is about 5 inches in girth. Even though this is a straight shaft toy it is still rather flexible. It’s not like some toys that are too flexible to use, but just flexible enough to use comfortably. I would say the inner core is slightly firmer than a real penis, but the outer layer of silicone is plushier. The outer silicone is soft; I’m able to push down onto the tip by a few centimetres, and it’ll comfortably bounce back up without damaging the toy. I’m also able to pinch the lower ridge with my fingers and wiggle it around. The silicone makes a slight static noise when rubbed against dry skin, causing a small amount of friction. Due to this, combined with the size of the toy, you will probably need additional lubrication. 
The outer layer silicone doesn’t feel overly realistic to me, but it’s more realistic than some dildos I’ve used. It’s slightly thicker and softer than found on my Tantus Adam, and reminds me more of squidgy fat areas on the human body, rather than the textures found on a penis. I’ve found that dusting the toy with a small amount of cornstarch makes it feel closer to skin found on the penis. 
To me the Cush is a beautiful looking toy. It’s not overly phallic-like, and I like how all the colours have a solid colour core with a frosted white outer core, giving the toy an appearance similar to if it had been airbrushed.
When using the Cush I was worried that the softness of the outer core would make the tip difficult to insert, but after a small amount of foreplay and lubrication the head of the toy easily entered my vagina. I was actually very surprised how easy the Cush was to insert; normally I have problems using larger girth toys and need a lot more foreplay and lubrication. The Cush was even easier to insert than the Adam, and the Adam is actually slightly smaller. You may still wish to have a bottle of lubricant ready while using the Cush, as the matte silicone can absorb moisture. The head of Cush comfortably found my G-spot and bounced off it. I was also worried that the curved ridge lower on the shaft would feel uncomfortable, but it wasn’t, it was actually enjoyable. I am rarely able to feel ridges on silicone toys, and considering how soft the O2 silicone felt, I was pleasantly surprised how noticeable it was. I wasn’t able to insert the complete ridge, but during use I found that if some of the ridge was outside my vaginal entrance, it would offer a small amount of stimulation to my vulva. With the combined stimulation of the head bouncing off my G-spot, and the ridge stimulating the vaginal entrance, I quickly reached a strong orgasm. Not only that, but as the Cush warmed to my bodies temperature, it felt like it belonged inside me, with one purpose, and that being pleasure. As the outer silicone moved during thrusting, the toy almost felt as if it had come to life. With the Cush I was able to thrust as firmly and quickly as I desired without causing any internal discomfort, unlike when using firmer silicones.
I do have one problem with the Cush, and that’s the base. The base is flared, making it tiring to thrust with the toy. I’ve found this a problem with most Tantus toys. The flared base does have its uses, as it means the toy can be used with an O-ring on a strap-on harness, but it can cause you to suffer repetitive strain syndrome if you are using the Cush for marathon masturbation sessions.
Cleaning the Cush is very simple. Just use your standard antibacterial wash and warm water. You can even place it into a dishwasher, sterilize it, or boil it. The silicone does attract dirt, so you will want to keep it in its box or another suitable container.
I haven’t used the Cush for anal play as it’s a bit large for me, but due to its flared base you won’t have to worry about it travelling into the anal canal.
Overall, I really like the Cush. It’s probably my favourite Tantus toy, as well as the best larger girth toy I’ve used. I feel that the quality of the silicone is excellent, and the shape seems to work very well for my body. The head of the toy is big enough that it’ll probably be able to stimulate most people’s G-spot or P-spot. The Cush has perfect cushiness, which makes me feel rather warm and fuzzy inside.
You can purchase the Tantus Cush Dildo from Lovehoney.

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