Tantus Compact

The Tantus Compact is the smallest dildo I have in my collection. The Compact is intended to be used as a warm-up dildo, and can be used for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. The toy is ideal for those new to sextoys, particularly if you intend to use the toy for anal insertion.  I was intrigued to find out how good the Compact would be at stimulating my G-spot. I also wondered how well the toy’s shape and size would work during anal insertion – thanks to the toy being made from platinum silicone, it is easy to sterilise between each use. Normally I would opt for girthier toys, but girth isn’t everything when it comes to satisfaction, and the Compact seems to prove this.
The Compact arrives in a clear box, which is the standard Tantus packaging. The box states that the toy is made from ultra-premium silicone, which can be sterilised, bleached, or even put through the dishwasher. The toy is resting in a plastic clamshell, which is easily removed from the outer box. The toy is a lot thinner than I had expected, with 3 inch girth in the main shaft, and a maximum of 3.5 inches girth round the bulbous tip. The dildo is of similar thickness to a couple of fingers, but approximately double the length. The shaft is curved quite a bit compared to some toys. The silicone is very flexible, and can be bent completely in half, without getting damaged. The tip of the toy has a bulbous tip which resembles the glans found on a penis. Below the tip you will find three ripple-like bumps. At the bottom of the toy there is a flared base, meaning that it is harness compatible. Between the flared base and the shaft there is a groove; this means that when the toy is held horizontally, the shaft will wiggle around a lot more than other harness compatible toys. Personally, I feel that this toy is too flexible to use with a harness effectively, as it will move and bend too freely during thrusting. Also, there aren’t many harnesses with O-rings small enough to accommodate this toy.
When using the toy for vaginal insertion I found that, due to the size of its shaft, no additional lubrication was needed and also very little foreplay.  The toy did stimulate my G-spot, but due to its flexibility and not being very weighty, it wasn’t very good at creating consistent enough pressure to produce a G-spot orgasm. If you have a very sensitive G-spot, and prefer thinner girth toys, the compact might work to cause you to orgasm, but for me it works best as a good warm-up toy. During use, I was able to feel the ripple-like textures lower down on the shaft. I really wasn’t expecting to be able to feel the textures on the shaft, due to its petite size, but the Compact pleasantly surprised me.
During anal stimulation, I again found that only a small amount of lubricant was needed, but the flexibility of the toy made it difficult to insert. When accidentally using too much lubrication, this toy can become a little frustrating to insert and control. The toy felt natural once it was finally inserted, but I experienced a little discomfort every now and again from the first main ripple-like bump. The raised bumps aren’t that prominent, but for some reason the first bump after the bulbous tip felt uncomfortable, possibly due to its position rather than shape and size. Although the toy is smaller than some toys, and reminds me of a butt plug, it doesn’t stay in by itself.
Cleaning the toy is easy as it’s made from 100% platinum silicone, which is dishwasher safe, can be sterilized, bleached, boiled, or just cleaned with your standard antibacterial wash. The Compact doesn’t work well with a condom over it; it’s just far too small. The silicone can attract dust, so you’ll want to store it in a suitable container – the box provided is a little large.
Overall, even though the Compact is a good size for beginner anal users, or even seasoned anal users wanting a warm-up toy, because of its flexibility I’m not sure how well it would work when used with a strap-on. Also the textures may be a little too prominent for some users. The curved shaft and the rounded tip do stimulate my G-spot, and it works well as a warm-up G-spot toy. The size, weight, and flexibility of the toy, mean that it’s just not capable of causing me to orgasm. However, the Compact is still a very good warm-up toy.
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