Tantus Bound

Sex Toy Reveiw for the Tantus Bound written by Ness

The Tantus Bound is a bondage inspired dildo made from platinum cured silicone. Inspried by BDSM play, and moulded on a bulging penis entwined in shibi bondage rope, Bound is one of the most textured dildo made by Tantus. I was excited to receive the Tantus Bound as I am a fan of rope work being used in cock and ball torture (CBT) and it made me think that the product could be used in role play with other submissives, particularly forced bi sessions. I was also interested to see how well the Bound stimulated my G-spot and other sweet spots in solo masturbation.

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Silicone Dildo with Rope Detailing

The dildo arrives in a Tantus cardboard box with some basic product information printed onto it. You are able to view the item prior to opening the product, and within the box you will find the Bound resting in a molded clear plastic clam shell.

The Bound is 7.5 inches long with 4.75 inches of circumference. The dildo is made from platinum grade silicone and is non-porous. The silicone use as a rougher texture than some and causes a lot of friction when rubbed against dry skin. The Bound is based on a realistic penis which has had rope wrapped round its shaft, resulting in bulging veiny flesh areas sectioned off by coiled rope wrapping around the shaft and being tied-off under the penis’s head. Where the rope is ‘tied-off’ there is a note under the penis’s head just where the frenulum would normally be found, which can offer some pretty amazing stimulation during use. The dildo is harness compatible, but due to the type of silicone used, if you are aiming to use this item for anal insertion be prepared to use lots of waterbase lubricant.

The head and underside of the Tantus Bound.

The head and underside of the Tantus Bound.

When using the Bound I applied a thick lashing of lubricant to the dildos shaft, and slipped its head into my vagina. I slowly thrusted the toy in and out of my body, only inserting the tip of the item at first, and then gradually building-up to pushing more of its length deeper and deeper inside of me. As the sex toy slide into my body I was able to feel every bump from the rope texture. When more of the dildos shaft was thrusted into my body, I could feel the bulging sections of the penis massage my vaginal walls individually. I was partly expecting the dildo‘s textures to feel uncomfortable at first, but this was not the case, and the texture felt intensely pleasurable. The Bound was able to massage my G-spot perfectly, leading to a mind-blowingly intense orgasm within seconds. This dildo has to be one of the most pleasurable dildos I have used in the past year, and I doubt any other textured sex toy could live-up-to the sensations produced by the Bound.

I personally found the Tantus Bound too intense for anal stimulation, but I’m sure some people may enjoy it more than I did anally.

When using the Bound in a forced-bi session, the bulges in the penis gave my submissive something to aim for when trying to take more orally. My sub also particularly enjoyed how they could feel the ‘throbbing’ veins and rope textures on their tongue as they bobbed their head up and down the dildos shaft.


When cleaning the dildo, I found having a clean toothbrush or similar was handy to help lift the dirt caught between the rope-effect strands. Due to the item being made from silicone it can be washed in warm water and antibacterial wash, sterilized in a bleach solution, or even put on the top rack or your dishwasher.


Overall, I really like the bound as a dildo for vaginal stimulation. Its textures are unique, and the raised rope feels amazing rubbing the G-spot (almost as if it was scratching an itch that hadn’t been satisfied before). If you are looking for a texture toy, I would highly recommend considering purchasing it.



Thank you to Tantus for sending me this dildo for my review.


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