Tantus Amsterdam

Sex Toy Review for the Tantus Amsterdam written by Ness

When it comes to large dildos which are made of silicone, there are currently very few on the market that would satisfy a size queen or an anal slut. But luckily Tantus have come along saving the day once again with hypoallergenic platinum grade silicone and moulded it into a gigantic dildo known as the Amsterdam. If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam the city, you may even recognise the dildo from your travels, as its shape is based on the Amsterdammertjes traffic barriers which line the streets.

The Tantus Amsterdam is damn big

Tantus Amsterdam next to a UK parking post.

If you have purchased larger than average silicone toys before, you may’ve noticed that they generally are only a silicone shell with a foam (or similar material) filling to help keep the products shape, this generally means that your dildo lacks flexibility and any form of plushiness or give. However the Amsterdam is made of smooth, soft, solid silicone. During use the dildo offers a cushioned sensation, yet stands erect when pressure is put onto it, meaning that with its base (which offers slight suction) that even a solo user is able to insertthis dildo easily and comfortably without it flopping around or being too rigid. The dildo is 10.5 inches in length with a maximum of 8.5 inches circumference. It is O-ring compatible and has a unique tear-drop shape base to help keep it stable whilst in a harness or when used on the floor. The bases design also makes it easier to hold in the palm of your hand. The tip of the toy is rounded and just below, there is a raised ridge running around the dildos girth, to offer a popping sensation during use. On the shaft you will find three raised ‘X’ markings descending down the base to offer some unique texture play as you slowly work your body down the product (these markers are also a great way to help you work-out how far the dildo is in your body). The rest of the product is perfectly smooth. The silicone cause some drag when dry, but once a thick lashing of lubricant is applied it becomes very slick.

lint, dildo, ruler, 30, silicone, big

Amsterdam next to a 30cm ruler. Also showing how much of a lint magnet it is.

The Amsterdam is a sex toy which has received mixed responses from my submissives, from being terrified of its size, to ‘’oh that’s just what I’ve been looking for’’. I set aside an afternoon and selected a submissive who seemed ideal for testing such a product.


With a large supply of lubricant at the ready and medical gloves, I started to tease my submissives anus and slowly worked my fingers into his body. Once I had his buttock comfortably accommodating my hand I mixed-up the motions to help him relax further, and stretching his rectum more and more. I then placed the Amsterdam onto the floor and poured a waterfall of lubricant onto it, making it ready for my submissive to squat down onto its shaft. After helping position my submissive so that the tip of the product was located directly underneath his gapping anus, I helped him steady himself onto the tip and down to the raised ridge. My submissive at first found it hard to pop past the ridge due to the sudden increase in girth, but also he was nervous about what sensations it would lead to once achieved. It took him quite some time to pop past it but once he did, he let out a sigh of relief combined with a moan of pleasure. He slowly quivered up and down the shaft, and the textured ‘X’s’ produced a plethora of gratifying groans. While working up to taking the dildos shaft, once my submissive had the dildo inserted and was able to thrust up and down on it, it quickly lead to an intense orgasm. Removing the Amsterdam was easier than expected, and my submissive was able to slide the toy out of his body without any discomfort.


Cleaning the Amsterdam is simple due to it being made of silicone; simply wash it in warm water with your favourite antibacterial wash. The toy can be sterialised as well as put on the top shelf of the dishwasher. The only areas of the product to watch out for when cleaning are the corners in the X’s, as well as the ridges in the base where ‘Tantus’ can be found.


Overall, whilst the Amsterdam took a while to insert into my submissive, it was worth the time as it produced amazing sensations quickly once in use. I’d highly recommend this toy to those who love large dildos, but who have also gotten their body use to larger toys before playing with the Amsterdam to make the experience more enjoyable. There is always the option to use anal easing products but personally I avoid these with my submissives. Sadly I don’t have a harness suitable to use with this particular dildos length and size, however there are some out there, and I feel due to its soft silicone it would make an ok strap-on dildo.


Thank you to Tantus for sending me this dldo for my review. You can find-out more, here.


You can also purchase a much smaller version of this dildo, here.

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