Tantus Adam 02 Dildo

I’ve wanted to purchase the Tantus Adam 02 for a while, but every time I’ve had the money for this toy it has been out of stock. Luckily this month Adam was in stock at Lovehoney, with the added bonus of 10% off its original price. Adam is my first silicone toy by Tantus, and I had high expectations for the quality of Tantus’s silicone. The silicone Tantus uses to make their toys is meant to be some of the best quality silicone available. I chose Adam as my first toy from their range, as I liked the way it appeared realistic but not intimidating. Also I wanted to try a toy with a wider than average curved shaft, and see how different it felt to similar width toys I owned, that had a straight shaft.
The Tantus Adam arrives in a clear plastic box. The box is fairly large, and I feel it could have been made more compact. On the box it states that this toy is made from ultra-premium platinum silicone; that means it’s non-toxic, hypoallergenic, odourless, tasteless and phthalate free. Amusingly the box states that the dildo is waterproof – I’m yet to find a non-vibrating dildo that isn’t waterproof.  The toy is resting in a plastic insert that is easily pulled out of the box. The toy is approximately 8 inches in length when straightened out, and there are approximately 7 inches of insertable shaft. The base of the toy is slightly flared, and is 8.5 inches in circumference. The bottom of the insertable shaft is 5.25 inches in circumference, and is meant to be harness compatible with a 1.75 inches diameter O-ring. The base has a slight suction to it. The main shaft is approximately 5 inches in girth, and the widest point of the head is approximately 5.25 inches in circumference. The toy is in a phallic shape, and has vein-like ridges running along its shaft; these ridges look less realistic than on some toys. The vein-like ridges are slightly squishy, and move around a little. The tip of the toy is bulbous and resembles the glans on a penis, and in the centre of the toy there is a small dip resembling the urethral orifice. There is a ridge positioned below the glans that resembles the fraenulum; this is fairly soft and can be pinched and wiggled around. The head of the toy has a gloss coating, making insertion easier. The main shaft and base of the toy are made with a matte style finish, and feel velvety to touch. The main shaft causes a small amount of friction when rubbed against dry skin. The toy is made with a firm yet flexible core, that has a soft silicone layer applied over it, which moves around similar to skin when played with. It makes a slight rustling noise as the outer skin rubs over the inner core.  The material doesn’t feel overly realistic, but it does feel closer than some dildos. Adding a dusting of cornflower starch or renewal powder will make the toy feel more realistic and smooth, causing less friction when rubbed against your skin. Even though this toy is a realistic style dildo, the length and girth of this toy are above average. The toy has a fair amount of weight to it compared to similar proportioned silicone toys. There seems to be two mould lines on the surface of my toy, but they are hardly noticeable to the touch, and only show up as a darkened cream colour in direct light. The toy is in a cream colour, and doesn’t have any form of realistic blemish markings. I actually think this is a very nicely formed dildo, and that Tantus did an excellent job in creating Adam.
When using Adam I would recommend applying additional lubrication prior to insertion.
Adam should only be used with water based lubricant, lubricants that have a blend of silicone can react with the toy leading to damage. Adam has slightly more girth than some toys, which may mean that you will need a fair amount of foreplay before inserting the toy.  The matte silicone does seem to absorb lubrication, so make sure you apply it liberally. When using Adam I made sure my body was relaxed and well lubricated. I slowly started to insert Adam into my vaginal opening; the head slowly and gently slipped inside. Only the head of the dildo had actually made its way into my vaginal canal, and I wasn’t experiencing any form of stimulation. I had almost given up hope on this toy. The girth didn’t seem challenging to me, but the problem was in the curve. I do have toys just as wide as, and even wider than Adam, but they all have straight shafts. I waited a bit while the head nestled between my vaginal walls. I decided to clench my pelvic floor muscles round the head of the toy in the hope of drawing it deeper into me. After a few minutes Adam gently slipped further inside, and had a reasonable amount of playable shaft. There was now enough of the shaft inside me to benefit from using the toy in a thrusting motion. The bulbous head of the toy flicked back and forth over my g-spot. It still wasn’t in the correct position to produce a strong orgasm, but the stimulation it was providing felt amazing, and different to any silicone toy I’ve used before. As well as enjoying the stimulation from the head, I could actually feel the two layers of silicone rub against each other, and this provided an interesting massage to my vaginal entrance. After a few more minutes the toy curved further up into my vaginal canal and was now directly stimulating the g-spot. Once it had reached its destination, it didn’t take long to produce a g-spot orgasm. This toy really does produce interesting sensations with its flexible skin, meaning that I didn’t mind waiting for the final climax. The orgasm it eventually provided was very satisfying and rather intense.
My only qualm with the Adam dildo is its flared base. I see the advantages of it during anal and strap-on play, but it just feels rather uncomfortable to hold when using the toy in a thrusting motion.
This toy is very easy to clean. You can use your standard antibacterial cleaner, boil it, sterilise it, or even place it in your dishwasher. Because this toy is very easy to clean, it means it would be great for anal play. You also don’t have to worry about it travelling completely into the anal canal, due to the flared base. Adam does attract dust easily unless it has been pre-dusted with renewal powder or cornstarch, and because of this I would recommend keeping Adam in its plastic packaging box.
Overall, I feel that even though I got off to a slow start with Adam, this toy is a keeper and does produce a great orgasm when you finally get there. I really do enjoy the double layer silicone, and even though I’m worried about ripping the silicone by mistake, I strongly feel that this is unlikely to happen. Adam is a great premium silicone toy.

You can purchase the Tantus Adam here.

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