Tantric Binding Love Hog-Tie

The Tantric Binding Love Hog-Tie restraints by California Exotics are a set of elasticised wrist and ankle cuffs linked together with a four way clip system. The Tantric Binding Love range of bondage products is aimed more at those who are new to bondage play, or people who prefer lighter forms. The elasticised wrist and ankle gauntlets are embellished with red satin bows to give them a sense of seductive femininity.
The restraint system arrives in a largish cardboard box with a white background with various tattoo style swirls over it. There are two pictures of a model bound in different positions. The box states that the product’s elastic is made from a mixture of polyester and rubber; it does not say whether or not this rubber is latex based. The cuffs are rather wide bands, at 3 inches wide each. They are topped with red polyester satin-weave bows. The material used for the cuffs is very stretchy. The wrist cuffs measure 6 inches in circumference and can fit up to 8.5 inches, and the ankle cuffs range from 8 inches to 11.5 inches. The ribbed elastic used for the cuffs is relatively rough, and they have coarse stitching inside which may chafe during wear. Each cuff has its own D-ring made from nickel free metal; these D-rings are in the shape of a heart. Although they are cute in appearance, I wondered how well they would work when linked together, as normally clips hooked to D-rings will sit centrally, but with the heart shaped rings the clips sit to one side, pulling the ring around uncontrollably. The cuffs can be linked to a four way clip system on a circular O-ring. Each clip is able to rotate freely on its D-ring. The clips are slightly loose and also have gaps where dirt could become trapped and potentially jam the spring mechanisms. The unelasticised material holding the clips to the O-ring is extremely strong, and unlikely to tear free. 
During wear I was able to easily position the cuffs onto my wrists and ankles. The cuffs rested smoothly against my skin and weren’t too loose. Once I was hooked completely into the restraint system in a hog-tie position, with my ankles and wrists being restrained behind me, I found that I wasn’t able to wriggle out of the cuffs. However I was able to easily unclip them. When being restrained by the system with my hands in front of my body it was even easier to unclip them. While using them during intercourse, or just generally moving around enthusiastically, the cuffs would pull away from my skin and rub uncomfortably. The coarse inner stitching aggravated my skin even when the cuffs remained stationary. The Hog-Tie did keep me restrained unless I purposefully went for the clips. I’ve heard some suspicious stitch-tearing noises during wear, but so far the cuffs haven’t fallen apart. Hog-ties are excellent for either deep penetration, due to how they position your body, or perfect for restraining a submissive during impact play, such as spanking, as you are able to access the bottom freely and the restraints visually emphasise the buttocks.
You can use the linking system for just hooking either the ankle cuffs, or wrist cuffs together. This works rather well, as each pair of clips sits nicely in the curves of the heart shaped rings. There are also other combinations you can come up with when linking the cuffs together; you don’t have to go with the traditional cross-linking hog-tie method every time.
To clean the cuff system, just handwash it the same way as clothing. Allow the product to dry completely before putting it away. Please note that the elastic will wear eventually, through washes and use.
Overall, the Tantric Binding Love Hog-Tie system is an ok restraint system, but unfortunately it rubs a little too much for me to fully enjoy using it. The bows and heart-rings do add a nice touch to the product; however the heart shaped rings aren’t really practical for a four-way crossover restraint system, as they move about awkwardly. It’s still a functional bondage device though, even if it isn’t the best.

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