Take part in the Orgasm Diet!

As many of you know a few months ago I started my Orgasm Diet, after just over 2 weeks I had lost 5kg. However due to certain health reasons I had to stop my diet for a bit and the weight piled back on.


I am working on my Orgasm Diet once again, and plan to have the results of how well it has changed my eating habits, positively.


For those of you who don’t know, the Orgasm Diet is a diet where you replace food cravings and snacks with orgasm and sexual pleasure.


I was performing my Orgasm Diet full time and even climaxing in public places. Some other people have taken part in the diet too and a few have opted to do it part time – I know many of us who go overboard with food when not busy working.


I am working with The Sun on producing a feature article about the diet towards the end of September. We are looking for people in the UK to participate in the article. Those taking part will be required to travel to London for a photo a shoot, but there’s a few big pluses, as you will be paid for getting involved plus be able to plug-in your sight or sex positive career too!

Please contact me: the_nymphomaniac_ness@hotmail.co.uk

or drop Rachel an email here: rachel@racheltoal.com


Why take part in the diet? Well while I was taking part in the diet my sexual energy was incredible but also mentally I felt more positive overall. I found that I became more active and product in other areas of my life too. The added plus side was that I managed to lose weight but also save money as I was eating less.

Have I convinced you yet? If not follow the twitter hashtag and read about what others have said about taking part in the diet too: #OrgasmDiet

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