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A Guide to ED

At Long Last, The Truth About Erections

An advice guide to how long you should have an erection This may surprise you but the most common thing I get asked is how to last longer. Did you know the longest erection lasted for 35 days? You’re probably wondering how he managed that, right? It was pure fluke …

Sex Toys and Desire Discrepancy

Sometimes our sex lives can go off track and desire discrepancy can appear within your relationship. Maybe your sexual preferences don’t fit such as a kink or a preferred position just doesn’t work for you or your partner. It could be that you feel you have or your partner has …

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Sperm Keyrings

How Sperm Keyrings can help bring sex positive discussion around sexual health and wellbeing.   When I was contacted by a company which produced sexual health merchandise I was thrilled; particularly as this exact company is the creators of the fun and quirky Sperm Keyrings. If you’ve been to a …