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A Guide to ED

At Long Last, The Truth About Erections

An advice guide to how long you should have an erection This may surprise you but the most common thing I get asked is how to last longer. Did you know the longest erection lasted for 35 days? You’re probably wondering how he managed that, right? It was pure fluke …

Showing a copy of Sara Pascoe's Book Animal

Review of Animal by Sara Pascoe

Book Review Sara Pascoe Animal Twitter is an amazing place to interact with sex positive people who are well informed about sex education, sex history, sex science, sex writing, and more. There was one category I hadn’t really thought about much in the past, and that is sex facts and …

glass butt plug

Plugs that Stay Put

A guide to wearing Butt Plugs by Ness Butt Plugs can be a bit of an adventure helping you explore pleasure so intense and filling, that it can literally feel like you’ve completed your body by adding something that was missing. Basically, a good Butt Plug is meant to feel …