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Oral sex sex toy guide

Your Top Oral Sex Tech Guide

Clitoral and vulva oral sex simulators have been one of the most difficult sexual acts to replicate in a sex toy. Toys that mimic cunnilingus for years never felt like they hit the spot. The textures were off, motions wrong, and generally something just didn’t quite feel like oral sex …

Satisfer Pro2 Oral Sex Toy

Review: Satisfyer Pro2

Sex Toy Review of the Satisfyer Pro2 written by Ness   The Satisfyer Pro2 is a rechargeable clitoral stimulator which works by forming suction around the nub and essentially sucks on the clitoris. This is the first time I’ve tried a vibrator like this. This particular type has been around …

Ask Ness: After circumcision oral sex has become uncomfortable

Circumcision can change how a man feels sensation. Ness addresses some methods on how to overcome pain post circumcision. Hello, I have recently been circumcised for medical reasons, and since then I have found oral sex painful. I am uncomfortable without having a foreskin in both physical and mental ways, …