Swoon sweeps into the high street

Swoon Sex Toy Collection

Sex Toy brand Swoon sweeps into the high street and hits Boots Stores UK shelves

Sex toy collection Swoon from Julie Peasgood is now available for purchase from the UK high street. Previously available on Lovehoney, the products have now been tweaked and prepped for hitting big chain stores such as Boots. The retro pin-up style packaging fits perfectly on the shelves, offering an alternative to the more obvious sex toy brands also available within stores.


Julie Peasgood is a reputable sex and relationship write, who is published in various magazine and books. She has also acted as a TV expert for various shows, including the Alan Titchmarsh show, and has previously been awarded ‘TV Personality of the Year’ by the Royal Television Society.

“If you’ve never Swooned before, you have nothing to fear,” says Julie. “Each of the products in the Swoon range comes with full instructions and tips on how to get the most from your purchase.”

Swoon is a collection of intimate products, ranging from vibrators, to massage items, and even stylishly packaged condoms. Retailing from just under ten British Pounds.

The products have already made a great impression to normal boots shoppers, and have already gained some online reviews.

“Finally! Someone has brought out a range of intimate pleasure products that don’t need to be hidden away” one reviewer said.

“True to their name, they will make you swoon with delight.”


On a personal note; I’m really happy to see high street shops welcoming more sex toy’s onto their shelves. I look forward to more store introducing similar products or expanding current stock.


You can find out more about Swoon, and the brands product availability, via following their twitter account here.

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